Whiskey (Knob Creek/Makers Mark); smell of concrete after a rain; puppy breath; shooting stars; tree houses; floating down the river; helping people; camping; Hawaii; shiny green plastic; waterfalls; a full moon; running through the sprinkler; Mount Rainier; birthday cake; cards that were sent using a stamp; falling snow in a quiet space; Montana skies; having fun; key lime pie; saying horseshit; kind people; Modest Mouse; Shep Fairey (Obey the Giant); facial hair on men; Viewmaster; pajamas/slippers in winter; walking through Madrona; log cabins; listening to sad music on rainy days; Mexican food; David Lynch movies; board games; new music; being challenged; trees;  

Grizzly Adams; sincerity; trusting strangers; Seward Park; train whistles far away; hills, roasting marshmallows; staying in hotels/motels; enjoying life; the feel of Christmas-time downtown; bridges (not the kind for cars); ginger ale; exposure to new ideas/ways of thinking; randomness; being befuddled; barbed wire fences; swimming/playing in the water; a nice, soft, furry tummy; loft spaces; blankets (yes, even Vellux ones!); singing songs around a campfire (I know...); people who are authentic; kind eyes; being moved to tears; breakfast in bed; cuddling anytime/anywhere; when the sun filters through trees; watching boats; sleeping under the stars; Orcas Island; people laughing; Old Coke commercials (I'd like to teach...); public art; walking; hula dolls; and of course, dogs!!








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