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Myrtle Beach, SC
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updated 08/26/09


Welcome to Sea Breeze Bunnies, where we select quality over quantity. Located along the beautiful South Carolina coast.

Sea Breeze Bunnies is comprised of a select few bunnies. We've been showing since 2005. Lyndsey has gotten involved in ROTC at school and hasn't had time to stick with the bunnies, so I have taken over. I'm moving out many Hollands and focusing on a select few and added a ND doe. All showing will now be in open competition. 

If you are looking for a nice show prospect or your next family companion, we can help you locate a quality bunny. We have a limited number of bunnies available on occassion, but we are glad to refer you to another quality exhibitor. We would love to see more people in our area get involved in showing ... especially youth ... and we are happy to help!