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Every year since 1969, Bermudians and international competitors alike have vied for glory in the spume strewn majesty of the Atlantic.
       Up to 108 mariners in over 50 small dinghys race 42 miles through warm azure seas around the beautiful Bermuda archipelago.
       Powered only by 4-6 horsepower British Seagull Outboard Motors,  vessels take between 2.5 and 11 hours to circumnavigate  the Islands.
       There are many classes and trophys, together with fun prizes.  There are even awards for the longest and heaviest fish caught during the race.
       There is always a barbeque following the race with live entertainment.
       Proceeds of the race are donated to local charity.
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Below:  "Phru Phru" bailing out with jagged rocks of Achilles bay under her lee.. Crew apparently enjoying the near death experience.
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Click above for link to Australian boating page. (Part of a larger site). Here is a  really good diatribe on the joys of Australian seagulling. 
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