Current Projects

Os Cangaceiros & Revolutionary Solidarity
a book presentation and discussion

Tuesday November 7th @ 7pm
Wayward Cafe
901 NE 55th St.

Eberhardt Press’s new book, Os Cangaceiros: A Crime Called Freedom, is the first english-language work to detail the actions and present the writings of the French rebel group. Os Cangaceiros arose from the ashes of May ‘68 and carried on their revolutionary struggle through squatting, participating in insurrections across the European continent, and acting in solidarity with various prison uprisings.

Their legacy of revolutionary solidarity with the struggles of others is a valuable lesson that speaks directly to the need for solidarity against the US government’s “Green Scare.”

Coffee and tea will be provided by Wayward Cafe, and variety of literature will be available including the new Os Cangaceiros book.


Anti-"Green Scare" Posters:

Repression is Growing (190k pdf) 8.5x14 poster analyzing the "Green Scare"

The State Attacks 8.5x11 poster with profiles of various defendants

Repression Defined 8.5x11 poster which defines repression


Past Projects

Eco-Prisoner Letter Night:

green scare defendants letter support

Connect Project: attempt to network with like-minded individuals with whom we can discuss and develop projects.

Reading/Study Group: two-month long reading group/discussion focused on insurrectionary anarchism.