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There are 3 different species of hamster. Common hamsters, which are wild, Syrian hamsters, which were created by humans after years of breeding and in-breeding the Common hamster, and Dwarf hamsters. Unlike many sites that insist all hamsters of the same breed, species, family, or whatever look the same, we accept that all hamsters are different, and unique. You can't describe a breed of hamster by what they look or act like really, because it varies from place to place, hamster to hamster, and who their parents were messing around with. Anywho, here are the 3 species of hamsters summed up.

Common Hamsters are pretty easily summed up. They resemble guinea pigs in size, and live wild in the Asian desert Syria. Syrian hamsters, on A Common Hamster the other hand, don't live in Syria. Weird huh? Anyways, if you want to learn about Common hamsters and all they've done for society, go to our History page. Many farmers in the Syrian desert despise of these rodents, because they eat all their food and occasionally steal the farmers thongs for their own little bachelor parties. The real question here is "What are farmers doing in a desert?". Well, it's a small world. A common hamster is seen pictured to the right.

Syrain hamsters are split into many different breeds, like teddy-bear, black-bear, short hair, golden, cinnamon, piebald, cream, etc. They are all the same species of hamster, Syrain. They are categorized in breeds by their fur type, color, length, stuff like that. Look at the picture of a poster we stole below to see some different Syrian hamster breeds.

Dwarf Hamsters come in many different breeds. There are Russian, Dzjungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Pine Tree, and a whole bunch of other breeds of dwarf hamsters that nobody can pronounce, or cares about much. They all basically look the same: about 3 inches long when adult, usually have grey/black markings on their back and head, short stubby tails, and all that stuff. Look at the picture of a poster we stole below to see some different Dwarf hamster breeds. Unfortunatley, they are missing the pine cone breed, but I am assuming they only exist under my bed. Enjoy!

These are simply characteristics for hamsters. Choose a hamster based on what you can offer it (care, matenince, homes) and its' personality. Do not buy a hamster that is taken care of badly. Ex. Do not buy a hamster that is in a cage with hamsters of the opposite gender, do not buy a hamster under 5 weeks, do not buy a hamster from a cage that doesn't have a wheel for excersize, do not buy a hamster from an unsanitary cage, do not buy a hamster from a cage where the other hamsters' have diseases.

Feel free to steal this picture, we did

I Laugh in the face of danger.. Mwahahahaha!! Combat Hamster this is a new breed. Like Syrian hamsters, these hamsters were created by some scientists as a prank. Actually, how Syrian hamsters are a great way to describe one exampleof humans playing "god". These hamsters were bred under radioactive supervision, or so I'm told. Some of them have been sent on space missions, and ate all the Doritos. Don't believe me?? Well, what else do you think the government is wasting all our tax dollars on? Why not buy a spaceship and blast some new radioactive species of hamster into space, just to see what happens? Well, they all died, that's what happened. Here is a picture of a Combat Hamster (left)

If this is not enough help, please fill out our forum to ask the experts. Remember to add your e-mail and hamster type. Or, if you have any comment/suggestions, fill out our new forum.

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