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Woa-oah... did you see THAT?

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Hey, I'm Po. My master calls me "Po-Po" but that sounds kinda childish, eh? Anyways, I am full-out Italian. Yep. My anscestors came from the Po River, or so my twisted little mind dreams so. I am a Libra. Isn't that sweet?

I was bought at a Petco in Maplewood, Minnesota on a November afternoon. I was all alone in a dirty, unclean cage next to 3 rats, all of wich had fleas, scars, and smelt. I was always edgy, since the air vents in the plastic divider wall constantly blew rancid rat-smelling air in to my home. My master says that I am just stuck-up because rats are so much smarter. My masters sister bought one of the rats, and my master saw me and instantly wanted me.

She was apparently looking for a hamster just like me. Male, healthy, and so forth. It was a suprise to find a perfect hamster like me sitting in a grundgy, low-budget petstore like petco. I know, I am just a miracle, aren't I?

Anyways, to put it blunt, she was good at hamsters. At the time, she had owned hamsters for over half of her life, and treated them with as much respect as she did anyone else. She gave them room, time, chances, etc.... who could ask for more? She had taken care of rat, girble, and mouse litters. Even owned them (well duh). She had piles of cages stacked up just waiting for a hamster like me: wire, plastic, glass... you name it. And at the time, I knew nothing.

The pet-store lady gave up trying to pick me up, after waking me and chasing me around the cage. My future masters' soothing calls and calm, slow actions were mesmerizing and polite. I ran around happily on her arms while the other 2 humans snickered about evil hamsters and scratched at the hives the rat urine caused them.

My master was not at all prepared to buy me. I was shut up in a cardboard box, and shipped home. I was put in a tall wire cage for the next few days, until a more comfertable home was finnaly furnished for me.

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