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I don't know about "ya'll", but I absolutley LOVE hamsters, and I LOVE science! Whaddya say we get these two topics together, eh? : )
In the space below, you will find links to many hamster/science related topics, great to research or use in school projects! After all, Hamsters were bred number one for scientific research, and THEN pets. Enjoy!

Biological Timing Online Science experiment ~ The place to start with hamster research, experiments, and more. Lots of great ideas for science experiments with school kids of all ages. Check it out!

Cats and Hamsters ~ natural enemies.. but able to breed thanks to Science! (Joke) (PG-13)

This is a part of the research of sleep. ~ It is a page of University of California which experiments with the hamster. Running on of the Running Wheel is recorded every day and the graph is displayed. Famous net-wide

Snowball on trial.. guilty as charged ~ A cute story about a school hamster experiment that went a little haywire.. nice reading, I'm pretty sure a teacher wrote it, and it gives some good ideas too.

An abstract of a hamster project ~ Entrainment of syrian hamster circadian activity rhythms by neonatal melatonin injections. Some might think the tinkering with hamster fetuses immoral, so remember that before you visit this site.

Outline of a hamster project ~ Objective To culture and stain mammal cells allowing observation of sister chromatids. They use incubated Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells. Interesting stuff! Clicke HERE for a similar page.

Hamster Diseases ~ More grim news on the illnesses that our furry pals can sometimes contract. Lots of information, though!

Good news for alchoholic hamsters ~ 'Unlike most laboratory rodents, the hamsters will choose alcohol over water when offered a choice, making them a natural choice for alcoholism studies.' ... at first I didn't know if this was for real or not.

Common Herbicide a Carcinogen? ~ This mentions hamsters very briefly, in that they used hamster ovary cells in studies to see how they would be broken down with chemicals found commonly in drinking water.

Symbiotic exchange of hoarded energy ~ I don't know if this is a real experiment, but apparently they're teaching hamsters how to drive wheel-like cars for transport. There are even pictures.

BIOLOGY, CARE, DISEASES & MODELS ~ A fact sheet via gopher full of gruesome medical information about hamsters and how they're used in medical research. Here's a typical quote: "It was concluded that the European hamster is a more suitable model than the Syrian hamster for highly concentrated and prolonged smoke inhalation studies." It has a nice background of Syrian and other breeds of hamsters, though. Also mutations, breeding, etc. etc.

Health benefits from coffee, tea, coa-coa.. ~ This breifly describes some experiments done with hamsters; giving them tea hardened their arteries and something about oxidations. Healthy stuff.

Induced Renal tumors in male syrian hamsters ~ The name says it all.. THIS is probably a more compatable link.

Putrescine uptake in hamster lung slices and primary cultures of type ii pneumocytes. ~ Thats the title. A short conclusion of some project, in a very technical language.

EU hamster integration experiment is a flop ~ I don't know if this is for real or just joke, but apparently some people spent a great deal of money to see if hamsters from around the world would get along. My only comment: "DUH! They're not social animals, you idiots!" hehh..

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus: An Unrecognized Teratogenic Pathogen ~ Uh.. something about birth defects. Some techical garb. If you are interested and have good patience, check it out.

First Mammal clock gene ~ this is actually about mice, sorry, but it has a nice animated picture of a hamster running in a wheel. It's about genetically altering a mouses' DNA (or genetically adding to mouse DNA) to give it a normal 'biological clock'. Very interesting!!!

Robot Shaping: The hamster experiment ~ Uuh? Something about a procedure called robot shaping and a robot named HAMSTER.. I'm confused

For more hamster/science information, please check out our Fun page! Want to add a link? Click HERE. Think a link is innapropriate, or doesn't work? Please notify us.