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A protective hamster!

All these hamster stories are un-edited to prevent misinterpretations and the likes.. please excuse the gramatical and spelling errors! : )

My brother had a hamster named Houdini. One night, he got out of his cage and went into the floor and walls... and ended up in the ceiling of the basement! Really early in the morning, my mom heard noises so she went to see why... and of course she found our hamster stuck there. My brother went to get some kind of tool to cut a small hole around Houdini so he could slip out. It worked... but Houdini just kept disappearing to different parts of the house.That is why we call him Houdinni. Michelle Dorsalgirl@AOL.com

I just got a new hamster, (Speedy) and she and my dog (Trixi) are in love. I am not kidding. Trixi waits outside my door to be let in to see the Speedy. She stares at the Speedy as long as she can panting and standing up to get a better look. Speedy seems to enjoy the company too. If I try to take the dog out, she is right back. Trixi is not even interested in mooching snacks anymore! From: RachelEve2

Two hamster stories by ariel243@aol.com 1.Our hamsters had babies and when they were weaned we put the girls in one cage and boys in another. I got home and one of the boys had mysteriously gotten into the girls' cage but there were no tubes off (either cage), no holes, and the lids on both cages were tightly fastened! We never did figure out how he managed this! One interesting thing was he was the runt of the litter and sometimes his brothers would chase him around, maybe he figured the girls would be nicer. 2.The father of the babies, named DJ was sleeping in his cage.Two of my cats were goofing around with each other and knocked his cage onto the floor (about a 4 ft. drop). I heard the bang and went to check on him and at first I thought he was dead but he was STILL asleep and didn't wake up until I started talking to him!

My hamster Rosie used to always get out of her cage. Her first cage was an aquarium with a plastic cover. Every night she would climb up on her water bottle and chew on the cover. Eventually she chewed a hole completely through it and escaped. I found her the next day sleeping in a bag of bedding and food. After she destroyed the plastic cover, I got a metal screen cover and was sure she couldn't chew through metal. Boy, was I wrong! She chewed through the screen and escaped. She must have heard my grandmother and I talking upstairs. She came all the way upstairs to the second floor from the basement!! She went up two sets of stairs. I was about to go down to check on the when I saw something moving on the top step. It was Rosie. She has a metal cage with bars now and she hasn't gotten out of that one yet. She'll figure it out soon enough. -Amber Ancotten@aol.com

I have had my hamster for about a half year. Once, about a month ago he chewed a hole right through her plastic cage top. It was a small hole but she squeezed through it. His cage was in the living room at the time (I sit his out there at night because his wheel is really noisy and it keeps me awake). Any way, after escaping he squeezed under 2 doors and got into my room (I was sleeping at the time). I don't know how he found his way, but I think he learned his way around the house from all those trips in his ball. Then, once inside my room, he crawled up on my bed. I awoke with a jolt and tossed the covers off. I sat for a minute wondering what could have crawled on me and then looked under the bed. Gizmo was scrunched up in a ball as if to say, "Please don't hurt me! I didn't mean to scare you, mommy!!" I have since then gotten him a cage with a top that he cannot reach. - ValueTrends@email.msn.com

1) I've had a hamster for about 9 months now. His name is Kitkat Klonoa Huepow Yuji Miyamato Snickers Mars Manny Sandoz Solomon. Just how he got his name is a story in itself really. Kitkat Manny Sandoz after a character of my friend's, which is in turn, based (at least the Sandoz part) on a Smashing Pumpkin's song. But anyways, I decided after a whlie that Kitkat was a candy bar so why not add Snickers and Mars? I considered Crunch was too short and Butterfingers was to long. At any rate, his name was now longer than his body! hehe! He's really the sweetest pet. How did I include Klonoa Huepow? well, if you own a PSX, you may have played the game "Klonoa" which I thought was adorable, so that was a given. Yuji Miyamato is a cross between the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog (Yuji Naka) and Mario (Mr. Miyamato). Long name, small critter =) 2) As a rule, I always check out Kit's cage door whenever I put him back at least 3 times. Well, I came into the living room to go online for a while, this was oh, around 7PM I think. I'm pretty much a night owl so I stayed up till 2 in the morning online sometimes. Well, if you may have guessed, I left his cage open 0.0 and I was shocked! I was like 'uh oh' and so I searched the most logical places he could be. At the time, I kept his cage on my dresser, about 3 1/2 ft. off the ground. First I looked under my bed and he wasn't there. I think he peed somewhere in my room too... but where I don;t know. I wondered if he'd go 'wild' if left alone too long. But where did I find him? On the ground level floor of my parent-made Barbie house (which now serves as Movie Librairy and that night, Hamster house ;) just cleaning himself nonchalantly as can be. He must've been happy exploring my room, I'm just glad I left the door shut! 3) A funny thing happened on the way to the pet store. I went to buy Kit some food (I keep it in a thoroughly cleaned out Planters cheese curl container rather than a bag, keeps it fresher too). Well, I'd told my dad before I wanted a second hamster and get a new cage for Kit. Well, guess what? Right by the check-out was a $16 cage with a "Free" hamster! I was like "DAD!" and got him to pay for half of it on the condition I found another good hamster. They had 2 aquariums filled with Golden and Fancy hamsters on the one side, and Teddy Bear Hamsters on the other. I wanted another golden or fancy hamster. There was a black one there too which kept my search efforts down cause he kept biting me! I know he was just curious though. I had to push him to the back of the cage a few times to check out the other hamsters. I think one wet itself cause of me... sorry hammy. I didn't want to fall in love with a teddy bear hamster, but there were two very docile ones in there, but the one gray faced teddy had some fur missing (I hope he found a good home anyways) and a sweet brown faced one with a diagonal white stripe across her face and a 'bullseye' on her butt and mostly white fur with black spots on her pink ears. Anyhow, I fell in love with that one so, her name is Crystal Kate. Funny how I just went for food and came back with another hamster isn't it? But then again... when I came home with Kit I'd intended to come home with a pet mouse!

Hi. I have a hamster storie for you. I have a hamster named Daisy. SHe is about 10 months old. She got out of her (old) cage and escaped. I thought, its not that bad, i can just leave food out on the floor and shell come. But then i thought about somethin else. I have a cat!!!!!!!!!! luckly the cat didnt see my hamster, and in about an hour, he came happily walking up to my moms feet! it was so funny when i got home from school, and my mom was like, " your rodent walked up to me all happy, and nice, and wanted me to pick it up". My hamster is very friendly, and people loving indeed! - Kate

We have three hamsters, Ruby, Rita and Romeo. Romeo's the lover, Rita's the nervous bundle of energy, and Ruby's the smart one.

One hot day I had the cover lids to the hamster's tanks open to catch a breeze. I turned around and saw Ruby running around on top of her tank.

When I investigated, I found the exercise wheel jammed against the spout of the hanging water bottle. I thought it was a freak accident, so I moved the wheel away from the water bottle and put Ruby back in her tank.

A few moments later, she was up on top of the tank again. This time I watched when I put her back in. Here's what she does: She stands against the outside of the wheel and rotates it with her front paws until it travels over against the downspout of the water bottle and jams. As soon as it stops turning, Ruby knows her escape ladder is in place and clambers up. Voila! Hamdini makes her move.

Hi! my name is Natalie but my friends call me Noodlely as in a noodle. They call me that because I am skinny like one. Anyways about my story. I have a golden hamster named Henry he is the cutest thing to me. Well one day he escaped from his cage by chewing his way out. And boy he can chew his way out fast. So I looked everywhere for him except in the family room. And guess where he was in the family room just napping on my moms clean shirt. Oh I will not forget to buy him a new cage. - Natalie

I once had this Teddy Bear hamster named Cuddles. When he got old(he lived to be 5) he did the strangst thing! One morning, I woke up to find him gone. I listened very carefully to see if I could hear him. I could. I followed the source of the sound.... and found him in my closet. So I put the happy hammy back into his cage. That night, I made sure the top of the cage was secure. In the morning, however, I had found my hamster to be missing again. This time I checked the closet, and sure enough, there he was; looking up at me as if to say," Well, that was a fun night!" He performed this little stunt until he died. And you know what? I never did figure out how he kept escaping.... Anonymous

A year ago, right when I got my hamster his brother
got an owner too. It was my friend. She never had a pet that lived with her longer than 1 month. She didn't care about her new hamster. She tortured it and even got it a bath and dried it with a hair drier. The next day was the end. The hamster fell from an armchair, broke its back and died in one moment. I still think that her 3rd hamster which is now still alive, soon won't (the 2nd one ran away into the woods).
(in memory of the unnamed hamster and Fanya )

Our class hamste Mini Me had chewed the latch to his cage and propped it open. When we came into class, he was gone. We all looked for about 20 min. whole for the day, and my teacher looked at lunch. We couldn't find him. There was a rat in the classroom next to us so we figured he might have gone in there. We checked and didn't find him. Mini was missing for 3 entire days. On the fourth day when we came into class, we found Mini in his cage. My teacher had found him on her shelf and half of her grade book chewed away. Mini was really fat. He is one lucky hamster. My friend bought him at the auction at the end of the year and my other friend and I decided to hide Mini in a box(with tall sides) in the recycling bin and pretend we lost Mini to scare her. Min i climbed out of the box somehow and into the rest ofthe recyclying bin. We had to throw some stuff out and go and get Mini. He was almost squashed by dishwashing liquid. Another Mini almost got stuck inside the walls of our house. Ben

One night when I was trying to sleep, I heard a shuffling sound in the corner of my room. I ignored the noise, figuring it was my cat playing around. But the noise comtinued so I turned on my light and checked out what my cat was doing. So it kept sticking it's paw under the blanket which was in the corner of my room. I picked it up and found my hamster under there, surprisingly it was still alive! But the thing that baffles me is how the top of the cage was open. I can clearly remember the lid being shut.
Extra Comments: Whenever I make a squeaking sound my hammy joins in! It's so cute.....! Heather

Hi, i have 3 hamsters. 2 of them are large blackbear hamsters, the other one is a yellow longhaired. Anyhow, my male blackbear loves to leap into my trash can. One evening i came home and the trash can was 2 feet from everything but somehow he had gotten into it. we are guessing he takes a running start and leaps into it. We think he might have found food in it once! Also, my female just had her 2nd litter. She had 11 babies. The blackbear babies are huge, just like their mama and daddy. mama is 7.5 inches long, and dad is 8! I am a breeder and when the babies are 3 weeks old i let them run around the room with mom! Lynnberrie

(1)I do not own a hamster but my cousin has two. Everytime she lets her female hamster out, it will run to the male hamster's cage and both hamsters will stand on their hind legs looking at each other for a looooong time. (2)As my cousin stays in a small apartment, she always lets the hamster out to run around the house. and there was once, as the hamster went about exploring, (inside the room, behind the TV stand, under her bed, behind the toilet bowl...), she followed it about, and guess where it went next? It went straight back to its cage and into its little house to sleep. Now talk about a grateful litle critter. Joycelyn

One day me and my mom and dad went to the mall to get a hamster for my other hamster as a girlfriend to breed. Well i could tel she was a energetic little girl. Well I soon noticed that she liked to climb on her water bttle witch I had placed in the corner of her cage. I thought big deal she can't get out....wrongo, it turns out when i got home i looked at her cage and saw there was no Munchy!! I saw that in the corner of her cage the lid was craked and I knew it was easy since the lid was sorta lopsided. Any way i called my mom and dad up and then my dad saw her in my bathroom. wooo I was relieved. John

I have a hamster and her name is Angle. She is white and only 4 months old. My sister Emily has a hamster too. Her hamsters's name is Caramel and is 4 months old. My brother Scott does not have a hamster, but he loves to play with ours.One day when me and Emily took out Angle and Caremel They both bit him. From now on all three of us were gloves. Katelyn

One night,when I had just came home from church,I checked my hamsters cage and every thing was fine and my cute little hammie was snozzing.I went online for a while and played checkers as i was plying i looked where my hamster was kept and the tubes had fallen off!I rushed over to my hamsters cage and looked to see if he was stll in his cage, but he wasn't! ahhhh I screamed and went looking for him while looking for him I accidently knoked over my lava lamp i was having a horrible day yet I still went looking for him. I looked under the cabnets Ilooked under my bed and every where but then i thought i wonder if he's in my laundry sure enought the little critter was in the clothing around my laundry basket.I picked him up and put him in his cage and gave hime some treats. i then fixed his cage but just in case i bought him a new cage and he hasn't escaped yet. :^) - David

My 2 hamsters have now passed away, but I remember a funny one with my hamster Stimpy. I had let Stimpy run around in his plastic ball and did not pay attention to where he was at in the house one night. I just happened to walk into my room after a while and noticed before opening my closet that the door was open about 2 inches, but didn't think much of it. Upon opening the door I found Stimpy cleaning himself in the middle of my closet door and no ball to be found. I later found the ball in my parents room across the hall. I was shocked to say the least! Wesbrower

I have a hamster named Buster. Well, he's really noisy at nightso i put him in our office, the next morning i didn't feel like putting him back in my room . Well, later on that day i came into the office and found out that he wasn't there i wasn't worried my mom had put him in my bedroom well, when i got to my bedroom i had found that his nesting chamber thing had fell off and my mom didn't relize it so i looked to see if he was still there and to my suprise he was still there sleeping . I'm glad he did not get out of the cage because my mom would have been really mad cause she doesn't like rodents! - kylee888

Me and my brother each have a hamster.My bro's hammie is named Harry P. My hammie's name is Tiger.She is a darwf hamster(smaller).One day i was on this site and i was holding Tiger and she got bord and kept trying to go everywhere!We had a piece of cardboard that looked like a tiny maze so i put her in it.It looked to big for a small hamster to get out. I was really into to THIS site when i decided to check on Tiger.You see there bellys are white!Out of the corner of my i saw something white.I thought she died and was on her back!But it was a tissue!But tiger was gone! I later found her in the bathroom outside the room. Erin

I had a hamster named crystal, 1 day i left and when i got home my dad said my hamster was walking around the house lose...But i knew i closed the cage door. well the next day i was playing nintendo after i put her away and carefully locked the door. She ran across the floor and then i figured out she knew how 2 get out. The only part about it was she opened the door...She had 2 walk upsidedown 2 open and on latch the door!!!! Samantha

My hamster, Arthur, is such a sweetie. He is almost 3 yrs old. He is my second hamster to live that long. I have found some things that help prolong the lives of hamsters. I have found that keeping them in glass aquariums helps to keep them warm. Secondly, besides feeding them hamster food (seeds) give them fresh fruit once and awhile. Make sure they get plenty of food, water, exercise, and most importantly, love! Nadine

One day my hamster (Dipsy)had babies whail my bro was watching at first he thought they were worms but found out they were babies he came in screming to me that she had babies and i was asleep then later whale thy were being nursed i taped on the cage and she looked up and i saw one baby sucking the milk on her and the baby fell down and tried to get back to her - Timi Ann Pfiester

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