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We are pleased to introduce some CD for seafarers which we have collected, tested, checked, overworked and sorted out. They will substitute some thick and heavy books in your voyage. They are:

CD 1

CD 2

CD 3


In St.Petersburg, Russia - NAVISAYLOR 2500

1.Installation electronic navigational charts (ECDIS) Navisaylor-2500, containing 9628 navigational maritime charts (British, Australian, New Zealand, Holland, USA, Canadian, Russian), covering area - whole around the world.
Navisaylor-2500 together with GPS receiver allow continuously control ship’s position, direction, speed, deviation (XTE) from pre-maiden route, also the time, distance whole route and to the next way point.
Navisaylor-2500 allows to make a way in a few minuets by graphical or table method, printing out madden way you have got the completely ready Voyage Plan including all required information for all voyage.
This is the perfect assistant for Navigational Officer and Captains for control of ship’s motion being in your cabin or office.
Manual correction is available. Radar, AIS, depth meter could be connected. Free of charge

2. Mini-receiver GPS GlobalSat connecting to USB of Your PC/Notebook.

Demonstration of works and possibilities is available.

3. Satellite TV installation
4. PC: both notebook and table
5. Any spare parts for PC
6. Printers, CD, DVD ...
7. Wi-Fi allows you to get free Internet at the most countries of Europe and America. I was doing that for a long time in the different countries.
8. Movies on Hard Discs (Replace is available upon next call)

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