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            Nola Peterson               
          Lead  and  Alto              
              Jeff Peterson                  
Jeff sings bass, encee's , does the booking , drives ,and oversee's all of the music , and records most of it in thier studio .
   Jeff has played piano or , bass with many groups in years gone by and , with a new conviction along with Nola , in 1998 , started this group "2nd Chance ", as thier ministry to reach not only the lost but , to also lift up our brothers & sisters in Christ with the renewed confidence and peace , of Jesus' soon return .
   Jeff is quickly willing to share how God has brought him through many battles , in the spirit and , the flesh and , try's to encourage others to exercise there trust in Christ to strengthen thier faith , with a daily walk with He , who purchased us with His own Blood .
    Bass singer and Piano player   
If you've heard the group, you know, Nola sings
with lots of enthusiasm, strength and, great
conviction in her voice.
Her personallity makes you feel as though you have
know her all your life and, makes you feel
as though she's singing every song just to you.
She and Jeff have been marred for 25 year and,
started this group "2nd Chance" in 1998
after a long desire to serve God with the taltents
He has given and to minister to the many
people we come in contact with, even if it's
just the need for prayer.