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We are very excited about this newest project  ,
" Redemption Draweth Nigh
trust it will be a blessing to you  as you listen .
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1 I'm not what I was

2 There's a King on the way

3 I have been rescued

4 Goodbye world Goodbye

5 Redemption draweth nigh

6 What a meeting in the air

7 I wanna know how it feels

8 The greatest of all miracles

9 Glory road

10 Jesus is coming soon

11 I never shall forget the day
        "This One's For You"
Title song written by Jeff Peterson
              our Bass Singer
Live CD  at Horse Creek Gospel Barn
          ( Available in CD only)
Available in CD only
1 I go to the Rock
2 The Lighthouse
3 Glory Road
4 Beulah land
5 Who's this man 
( Written by Jeff Peterson)
6 Farther along
7 I'll fly away
8 Just a little talk with Jesus
9 That I could still go free
10 Rise again
11 Everybody will be happy over there
1 Power in the Blood
2 I'm ready to go
3 Old gospel ship
4 Grace
5 Who's this man       ( Written by Jeff Peterson )
6 What a lovely name
7 This one's for you   ( Written By Jeff Peterson
8 Sinner saved by Grace
9 Ready to go
10 The Lighthouse
11 What a day that will be