2nd Chance is a southern gospel group dedicated to using thier talents of singing to the seeing of souls saved and the uplifting of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been fortunate enough to see many accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Many have also rededicated themselves to the Lord and His work. This is what it's all about!

   2nd Chance is available for church services, concerts, special events, etc. Wherever we can use our musical talents and testimonies to uplift Jesus Christ so that He can draw all men to Him, that's where we want to be.

   2nd Chance's name was not chosen by chance. Everyone of us has our own personal testimony of how God has given us a "2nd Chance", in our own lives and we are more than willing to tell how He can do the same for each and every one who is willing to ask God to forgive them and , follow Him.

   We would love an opportunity to come sing and worship with you and present Christ, as we know Him.

   We hope and expect that we'll all be greatly blessed when we get together to worship and sing about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                Yours in Christ,
                                                                                                  2nd Chance



                                                                                                            Jeff Peterson
                                        To contact write to :                                       P.O.Box 348
                                         Or E-Mail below                                            Erwin , TN.
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