2nd Trout Mills Group
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We are a Scouting group located in North Bay Ontario, Canada.
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When the logo was designed, they wanted to encorporate various things into it.

The Colours
Brown Log -- The brown is the colour of the Beaver Colony.
Yellow Border -- Yellow is the colour of the Cub Pack.
Green Lettering -- Green is the colour of the Scout Troop.

Blue Background -- Blue is the colour of the Venture Company
At the time that the logo was designed, we did not have a Rover Crew, which would have been red.

The Saw blade and the log
In North Bay, ON, on the north west shore of Trout Lake is the Ministry of Natural Resources building. This building is on the site of a sawmill that was one of the first in this area. That sawmill was called "Trout Mills". Our meeting place is less than 1km from the site.

The Number "2"
At one time, there was a First Trout Mills. Years ago it folded, and doesnt exist anymore. When it was around, another group was created due to high demand, and it was labeled "Second Trout Mills". We have survived
Our Group Necker

The colours on our necker is black with a blue border. The background is close to the colour.
Our Sponsor

The Widdifield Lions club has been our sponsor for over 40 years.
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