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My Second Look
Pre-Loved Garments
for Re-enactors

Second Look is a free service for re-enactors all over the world to help find homes for,
or to buy, much loved but outgrown garments and accessories.
It is completely free to list or buy.
No listing fees and no sales commission.


  1. Send me as many measurements and details of the garments as you can think of .
  2. Always ask for a bank cheque/cashiers cheque. Accept a personal cheque at your own risk. If sending your dress or shoes to another country, ask the buyer to go to their bank and get an international bank cheque in your currency, this way you will not be affected if exchange rates change from when the cheque is written to when you cash it and you will also not be charged fees by the bank to cash a foreign currency cheque. Another option is PayPal.
  3. The buyer must always send the payment first, only when you reveive the cheque do you send the item. You do not cash the cheque.
  4. Once the buyer receives the item, they try it on and let you know right away if it fits or not.
  5. If they are happy to keep the item, go ahead and cash the cheque.
  6. If for some reason they are not happy they must first send the item back. When you receive it in the same condition in which it was sent, you then return the cheque.
  7. In both cases the buyer should pay for the postage so that the seller is not out of pocket if the sale doesn't go through.

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