12/14/50 Daughter seeking Bmother. I was born in Halifax District Hospital of Daytona Beach, Florida @ 9:56pm on 12/14/50. Bmother assumedly Connie L. Gross of New York State. She had me when she was a "young woman", but I was never told her actual age. I was t ld that my Bmother "got in trouble" by a married man, assumedly Paul Jones of Volusia County. The adoption was privately arranged by Bmother's physician, T.K. Slaughter, Jr., who also delivered me. He subsequently died in a boating accident in the 1960' . My adopted mother had adopted a baby boy (named Billy)1 1/2 years earlier and Dr. Slaughter was also her family doctor. My adoption was arranged while my Bmother was still carrying me. Dr. Slauther used to schedule my Bmother's prenatal exams so that hey "overlapped" with when my adopted mother brought Billy in for his checkups. My adopted mother (age 43 @ the time)knew that my Bmother was carrying me, the child she was to adopt @ birth. However, my Bmother did not know she was sitting in the waitin room next to the woman that would ultimately adopt her child when it was born (me!). I don't know if there is any truth to this, but my adopted mother told me that my Bmother was told by Dr. Slaughter that she delivered twin boys, so as to further compl cate any attempt on her part to "find" me later. Apparently my Bmother was never allowed to see me when I was born. I found out from an aunt, after my adopted mother died, that apparently my Bmother had continued to live in the Daytona Beach area for at least a year after my birth. How my aunt knew this was because my adopted mother pointed out my Bmother to my aunt one day when they were out shopping, saying "Don't be obvious, but that young woman coming towards us on the sidewalk is Patti's mother." hey walked right past one another, with me in my adopted mother's arms. Both of my adopted parents are dead now. My adopted mother was always very insecure with the thought of my Bmother resurfacing, or me trying to find her. This is why I have waited his long to start my search. I'd love to have the chance to find out who I really am and where I really come from. The risk is worth it! This is all the information I have.
kpmarsh@mn.state.net 1