Welcome to the
Secret Sister Club
President: Sister Lisa
Vice President:Sister Patti

This club has been designed for those of you
who like to spoil others and for those who also enjoy being spoiled *S*
You must join our egroups to be a member,
please fill in your email address below and submit.
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Here's How It Works!!!
Welcome to the Secret sis Club, anyone who would
like to join please sign up
for my egroup first and then
Go get a secret email, before you proceed to the join form
Then Click on Join form button at the bottom
please make sure on the form you give me
your full name and email address,
you must be a member of SOLP to particpate,
so please do not pass this on!
After I get all the sign ups,
you will be given the name of a sister
and at the same time a sister will be given your name.
As soon as you receive her info you can start spoiling her
If for some reasons you can't find time to continue
participating please email me and let me know
so I can remove you!!!

You can send your secret sister surprises,
You can also send graphic gifts
you have made personally,
virtual gifts, cards, url's
or even if you should choose to make her a special page
and have all sisters secretly sign.
I will notify all sisters participating
when round ends and starts
so if you like making new friends
please sign up
It's so nice to go through life each day
with the thought that someone cares
and really brightens a day that may have not started out so well.

Please read the club guidelines to help you decide if you would like to join.

#1 please fill out the form and I will notify you when each round starts and ends, You must use the form below to sign up with
if I dont receive your form each round then i will assume
you dont wanna be in the next round

#2 Please do not sign up unless
you know you have the time to participate.
I'd hate to see a dedicated Secret Sister
who doesn't get much in return
for the time she has put in.
And dont have time to send your secret sis at least one card a day!

#3 You must complete all info on the form,
so that I can pair everyone correctly.
#4 If you decide to make your Secret Sis a page
and want the guestbook signed by all sisters
without your Secert sis seeing,
then send me the address to the page
and I will be glad to help.

That should cover the rules and guidelines.
It's easy and fun!
We am looking forward to seeing you join
and hope that each of you will
enjoy being a part of this club.

In Love and Peace, Sister Lisa & Sister Patti

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Email Patti

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