A Defense of the Second Amendment



    The main purpose of this page is to help defend the Second Amendment.  The secondary purpose is to provide links to other pages which are doing the same thing.  This page will consist of articles written by myself and other readers of this page (feel free to contribute your own).  I will also post articles sent to me which defend gun control in order to help my target audience (the people who wish to defend their rights) to respond and write articles in defense of their Second Amendment rights.  If you send me e-mail with an attatched HTML or MS Word document which you would like posted as an article, I will be appreciative.  Any e-mail sent should have (somewhere) in the body, whether or not you would like it posted on this web page, and also, whether or not you would like certain information ommitted.  If you do not say one way or the other, I will not post your e-mail, although I may use quotes from it in future articles.  If you object to this, please state so in your letter.  Thank you.

UPDATE (added 04/12/2003 [barely]): I've added some documents of historic importance. Some are on site, some are not. They're all worth a look, though, so have at them. (link in the sidebar).

UPDATE (added 12/17/2002): OK, so I have not updated this page in, like, forever, and I apologize for that. Shame on me, I got this silly thing called a job, so I have a little less time to do much of anything. I've been trying to spend my free time shooting and loading ammo, and when I'm not doing that, I'm trying not to think (sorry, my brain hurts). I've got a few articles planned for the future, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to them, or even IF I'll get around to them. They are less restricted to the Second Amendment and are going to be geared more towards Constitutional violations made by the US Government. Until then, I'm going to try to post some more links (new stuff I've found and old stuff I just haven't gotten around to posting yet).

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