In July 1996 I founded the Volunteer Library in the town of Wedowee, Alabama. In January 1998 my landlord, Joe Walker, died and the building I had been renting was soon unavailable to me. I was able to retain most of the books which have now been in storage for over five years. I have begun to retrieve these books and have been bringing them into a new small building on my homestead in Newell. The building was designed as a new home for myself and simply cannot accommodate all the books. I am currently planning construction of a larger building in which I will be able to properly display the books. There are many obstacles to creating a new library, for instance, the dirt road to my homestead is hilly as well as being muddy in wet weather. Shouldn't the library be on a paved road where the public will notice it as they pass?

In the past local government has had many opportunities to show tangible support for this library. If you believe that the establishment of a library to serve the residents of northern Randolph County, Alabama is important feel free to contact me with your ideas. I am open to finding some way to preserve these endangered books for use by those who need them.

Steve Sedberry
100 County Road 525
Newell, AL 36280

August 2004: I have finally moved most of the books and equipment back to Newell, AL. Please contact me if you want to help build a new library in the Newell, Alabama area.