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Hiya all you egotistical bast**ds out there,just a little update from Ego world...
Firstly the 'Planet Earth'video directed by Gaz Reynolds is now fully viewable on the web(see links below). Theres 2 different edits,one for the original Barry Stone 2000 mix, and one for the recent mix by Ross Alexander. Everyone who's seen this fantastic promo is raving,with lots of positive feedback, this all ties in nicely with the fact that 'Planet Earth' is getting a long overdue 8 track Maxi-single CD release shortly on Ross Alexander's new label POP ONE RECORDS. Following the trend of many other NRG labels inc Almighty Records,we are releasing it on CD-R single with a limited run, and a limited availability to purchase on the web for 2 months only, then it's deleated & becomes rare, goto POP ONE'S website at http:
// for details of the release date. The CD single will feature all the mixes of 'Planet Earth',including the never before released 'Andromeda remix', it's also backed with 'Master & Servant' (all the mixes...including the never released Lord K mix)...thats 8 fierce dance tracks all on one CD...phew (dance ya tit's off!!)
Massive Ego's management team have also introduced the new  'Massive Ego Central' official web-site at , this is the best place to find out the latest news & info on the band as it links together the already fantastic & the Yahoo group,all together under one roof. Be sure to check in regular & this is also where you'll get the chance to view the 'Planet Earth' promo's. Don't forget to sign the guest books and let us know what you think.
We can confirm the Massiv's are joining Dusty O live on stage at the forthcoming annual big charity night fundraiser 'RAY OF LIGHT' @ Crash/London on Sunday 11th April, with a full show,that should see both Steady, who returns fresh from 3 months in India at the end of this month, and Deana-lina back together again on synths (watch out for the new look synths!  Were gonna be live'r then ever!) The original monsterous 'EGO' line-up that you know &luv. With lots of 'summer' festival/club bookings being confirmed shortly theres no excuse this summer not to dress up & come along and support your favourite
The band are back in the studio shortly recording 2 new tracks, which will feature heavily in the summer festival shows, and are pleased to be working with the faboulous diva Yvonne Lee on a new duet, details to follow.
MarcMassive's new side carrear as a DJ has really taken off, from his regular twice monthly guest slots at the big boys club S.O.P in London, he's now been given his own Friday nite club 'POP CELL' @ Central Station/ Kings X/London, with a big launch nite party on 2nd April from 11pm-4am (late license means more cheap drinks,ie: getting very drunk) he'll be playing NRG-pop-elektro-trance-handbag, and un-like alot of DJ's will do requests (if he's got 'em) Friday nights are looking fun again. For info &directions of the club goto .
Finally some more record news, the Massiv's duet with Dezire 'Obsession' is on the new 'Mad About the Boy 11' on Klone Records,out now from & all good stockists.