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Jordan - (real name Pamela Rooke)
Shop assistant in Sex and seditionaries. Jordan became one of the most outrageous and sussed punkettes instantly recognisable by her beehive/spiked hairdo and geometric Mondrian style makeup.
Originating from a small coastal village she would
travel on commuter filled trains from her South east
Coast base to London in some of Vivienne Westwood's most shocking creations. She became a willing human guinea pig for Vivienne's latest punk fashion designs and would wear everything and anything on the changing face of the Kings Road punk scene. Gained early fame at an embryonic Pistols gig by being stripped by Johnny Rotten on stage.
Later became manager of Adam & the Ants in 1977 during their hardcore punk era and starred in Derek Jarman's  1978 film 'Jubilee' singing Rule Britania.
She worked on and off through the incarnations of
Malcolm's and Viv's shop from 'Sex' to 'Seditionaries'
till 1980 when it became 'World's End.'She got
involved again with Adam & The Ants and helped shape their successful pirate look before leaving at the height of their fame with band member Kevin Mooney.  They married and formed a band called Wide Boy Awake in 1984.
She faded out of focus in the early 80's claiming punk   wasn't a challenge anymore and returned to her roots  on the south coast. Now works as a veterinary nurse  and breeds Burmese cats.
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