Last Epitaph June 01, 2008;

I am 52 years old, in the last year I have had 4 brain strokes, the last occurred as a TIA event May 12, 2008 at 2:38am then manifested itself May 31, 2008 with typical Pontine Stroke effects, facial numbness that is now spreading to the left side of my mouth making difficult to swallow.

I believe that my story may be true, and that time will loop or end. I have lived three lives on earth;

As Perdiccas, Alexander the Great's friend and General, becoming Lord Regent of Macedonia upon Alexander's death, whose life ended by the Nile trying to stop Ptolemy's revolt in 320 B.C.

I was reincarnated as a junior officer in the American Union Army in their civil war, a soldier of no real significance as far as I know.

And this life's only significance is that it may have been may have been some of my ideas on US Constitutional Law may have helped the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals siting in tribunal find that 18 U.S.C. §2257 unconstitutional in attempting to regulate pornographer's publication. I doubt I will be still alive when the full US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms this or it is considered by the US Supreme Court.

I do believe that the Mayan Calendar may denote the time end or its loop and I hope some other seeker-of-the-key will discover its real meaning in time. Perhaps, its only a story, fable or myth. Perhaps, so is mine.

Much like Perdiccas, Lord Regent of Macedonia my mission in life has been cut off. I leave finding of the "truth" to some other contemporary.

However, the nuclear weapon may have met its match . . .