Laura Brown
Agent G, Agent H (HYDRA)
Active (?)

Field Agent (L-6)
: Field Operative (Undercover)

Personal Bio Data

of Birth
-New York City
Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives
Father - Arnold Brown (deceased)
Mother - unknown (deceased)



Kitty Pride: Agent Of SHIELD: 1
Nick Fury Vs SHIELD:
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (1): 9-11, 13, 15
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2): 44
Spider-Woman (1): 13-16
Strange Tales (1): 135, 137-141, 152-159

Life Model Decoy

Appearance Highlights

Strange Tales (1) #135
First appearance

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (1) #9
First appearance as a SHIELD agent

Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #1-6
Replaced with an LMD that later dies aboard the SHIELD satellite

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #45
Returns as a brainwashed agent of HYDRA

Cover Appearances
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1) #10
Strange Tales (1) #153, 157

Non-Narrative Appearances
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1):10

Wherein SHIELD boats the unfortunate legacy of several of its agents turning bad, Laura Brown is the rare example of an agent of HYDRA joining SHIELD.

Laura Brown originally served HYDRA as Special Agent G, under her father's rule as Imperial Hydra in 1960's New York City. Laura was the only agent allowed to go unmasked without impunity and her father, Arnold Brown, considered her livelihood was the guiding goal of his particular cell of HYDRA (to make up for Laura's mother having died in poverty). However in time Laura grew worried and disgusted by her father's twisted attempts to provide for her, and she sided with then newly appointed director of SHIELD Nick Fury and betrayed her father, making her forever a target of HYDRA. Following the death of her father, Fury allowed Laura Brown to go free, an act she never forgot.

Upon taking a stronger and more visible role in Hydra’s global operations, Baron Von Strucker made it one of his goals to punish Brown for her betrayal. Brown was targeted for various kidnap attempts and Nick Fury placed her under SHIELD's protection. However HYDRA caught up with her and she, together with Nick Fury had to fight their way off of HYDRA Island.

Following the sinking of HYDRA Island, Brown joined SHIELD as a full-fledged agent, specializing in undercover and infiltration work. During her time as an agent, she proved crucial in helping Nick Fury to defeat the Hate-Monger on more then one occasion.

Brown and Fury carried on a short-lived love affair that had its seeds with her helping him while she was still in HYDRA and carried over into her early days at SHIELD. Eventually their relationship cooled to a platonic level, although she stayed on with the agency. 

Brown found herself stationed on the West Coast, working out of the Los Angeles branch where she served under Barth Bukowski and was partnered with agent Jerry Hunt just prior to his return to London. Brown and Hunt investigated a strange death cult that murdered two SHIELD agents. 

Brown was among those thought lost during the Deltite Affair, however she was found to be alive, albeit brainwashed (ironically) into a HYDRA agent in 1993. Brown apparently decided to stay on with the new SHIELD, last seen alongside G.W. Bridge, helping to solve the computer malfunctions aboard the helicarrier caused by the evil spirit Ogun.

Laura Brown makes an appearance in the 1993 Fury one shot as Nick Fury's girlfriend. However it’s BEFORE he's an agent of SHIELD!

Laura Brown featured as one of the figures in the Heroclix game, Clobberin Time. (thanks to John Humphlett)



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