Thaddeus (Timothy) Aloysius Cadwallander "Dum Dum" Dugan
Alias: None
Rank: Special Director (L-2)
Specialties: Field Operative, Administration, Agent Training

Personal Bio Data

of Birth
- New York City
Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives
Wife: Mary Dugan
Children: Scott, Kevin
Grandchild: Sean



Agents of Atlas: 1-4, 6
Amazing Spiderman (1): 187
Avengers (1): 38-39, 67, 72, 92, 118, 385, 396
Avengers (3): 502
Avengers :The Initiative: 17-18**
Cable (1): 33
Cable/Deadpool: 7, 9-10
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Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War
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Marvel Holiday Special 1994
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(Marvel UK) Motormouth: 1
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X-Force (1): 55
X-men Unlimited: 48

** Life Model Decoy
** Skrull

Appearance Highlights

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #34
Dugan's first meeting with Nick Fury

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #1
First appearance

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #26
Dum Dum leads a contingent of prisoners against the crew of a Nazi sea destroyer.

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #59-60
Dum Dum goes in Fury's place to face off against Col. Klaue and is later put on court-martial.

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #94, 96-97
Dum Dum takes command of the Howlers behind enemy lines after Fury is injured.

Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #98
Heads up the training for the Deadly Dozen and is promoted to sergeant

Strange Tales #137
First appearances as a SHIELD agent

Captain America #247
Battles an android Baron Strucker alongside Captain America

Godzilla: King of Monsters #2
Dugan is assigned the capture of Godzilla

Godzilla: King of Monsters #3
The helicarrier crashes in San Francisco bay.

Captain America (1) #283-284
Suffers heart attack on eve of SHIELD assault. Fury appoints him deputy director.

Marvel Fanfare #49
Dugan and Nick Fury travel back in time to the 1880s American Southwest

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #1
A retired Dugan is killed alongside his wife by the Death's Head Commandos

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #14
Dugan is found in a HYDRA base, brought back from the 'dead' by the Yellow Claw for unknown reasons. 

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #35-47
Dugan serves as director of SHIELD 

Marvel Holiday Special 1994
Dum Dum gives Fury some holiday advice

The Incredible Hulk #434
Attends Nick Fury's funeral.

Wolverine Origins #10
Following his capture of Wolverine, Dugan is brutally maimed by Logan's mysterious son.

Iron Man (4) #20
Sub-director Dugan faces down the Hulk while Director Tony Stark is AWOL.

Secret Invasion #1: Director's Cut
Dugan is seemingly killed and then replaced by a Skrull.

Select Cover Appearances
Captain America (1): 127, 244, 273
Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen #4
Deathlok (3) #11
Godzilla: King of Monsters #17, 19 
Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #1, 3, 6
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1) #1
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #29
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (83 reprint) 1
Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandoes #1-4, 6-24, 98
Strange Tales # 137, 147, 153, 167

A former circus strongman, Dum Dum first met Nick Fury on his way out of Holland, escaping the Nazi onslaught. Fury and 'Happy" Sam Sawyer were on a mission to meet a British spy and Dum Dum helped them escape the Nazis and recover vital papers for the war effort. Later, Dum Dum enlisted in the British service and served alongside Sawyer in North Africa on several missions. Sawyer was wounded and forced to take a desk job and when asked to form a special missions squad, he remembered Dugan, placing him as second-in-command of the newly formed First Attack Squad; aka The Howling Commandos.

During his time with the Howlers Dugan became skilled on all Allied small weapons and gained experience in all forms of hand to hand combat, especially Judo. With his trademark derby, Dum Dum frequently struck fear into the Nazi and Japanese enemies in mission after mission Such were the Howling Commandos feared by the Third Reich, a counter squad of elite fighters, the Blitzkrieg Squad was formed, and among their number, bar room brawler Siegfried, whose story of defeating six men with his bare hands made it to the ears of Von Strucker, was chosen to stand against Dum Dum Dugan.

Among the foes Dum Dum squared off against was Colonel Klaue, stepping in for Fury on a one-on-one match with the iron-handed officer. Following this incident, Dugan was brought up on court martial charges, but Fury soon revealed that it was a plot by the Agent of a 1,000 Faces. Perhaps one of his most daring moments was his face-off against the Sea Shark, during which he lead a group of prisoners to take over the German ship. Foreshadowing his future experiences in SHIELD, Dugan also faced a number of supernatural and super-human menaces during the war, including Baron Blood.

Dugan had many opportunities to take command of the Howlers himself. On one occasion, trapped behind enemy lines during Allied bombings of a German town Dum Dum took command and lead a demoralized team back across heavily fortified enemy territory with a wounded Fury in tow.
His experience with the Howlers lead to Dugan to being assigned to train the similar task force known as the "Deadly Dozen" by Sawyer. Promoted to sergeant, Dugan along with fellow Howlers Pinkerton and Maneli trained and fought alongside the Dozen on their first missions. Dugan was reassigned to the Howlers just prior to the Battle of the Bulge where he fought alongside not only his Howler teammates, but also the Deadly Dozen with their new commander and Captain America and Bucky.

Serving Fury well as second in command of the Howlers during not during only W.W.II but also later on missions in Korea, it took little indecision as to who Fury wanted seconded to him as sub director of SHIELD.

Dugan served at the front lines of many of SHIELD's battles with the likes of HYDRA, A.I.M., the interplanetary Wraiths, and a robotic clone of the Yellow Claw, Scorpio and the Zodiac, the Druid, the Maggia, the villainous duo of Mentallo and the Fixer and many other foes. Dugan also came to know and befriend many of the world's heroes, including the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Falcon, Black Widow, Quasar and of course Captain America, whom he first met during World War II.

The late 1970's saw him take command of the special helicarrier named Behemoth IV to track down the Japanese monster Godzilla, an assignment he became somewhat overzealous on in the opinion of others, including Gabe Jones. Nicknamed "The Godzilla Squad", the group headed by Dugan, and including Jones and Jimmy Woo, followed Godzilla across his many exploits in the United States, including along the Alaskan pipeline, Seattle, and San Francisco where the interference of the Champions of Los Angeles led to the crashing of the original helicarrier. This mission to neutralize the threat of the beast left one of the few blemishes on Dugan's career, as he nearly lost SHIELD's mobile headquarters. Following the crash, Dugan was assigned the Behemoth IV carrier and the Red Ronin drone to apprehend the monster. In time however the creature returned to the sea on its own, never seen since. Dugan faced further trouble when he suffered a heart attack in 1983. As a result Nick Fury appointed Dugan deputy director of SHIELD in order to keep him in the agency, but not in active combat.

In one of their more unusual adventures, Dugan and Fury traveled back in time to the American Southwest of the 1890s. There Dugan and Fury joined forces with Dr. Strange to put down a renegade Apache war chief who threatened to unravel the fabric of time.

Dugan's loyalty was tested to its limits during the Deltite Affair when his close friendship with Fury endangered his position in SHIELD and nearly cost him his life. With Fury on the run, Dugan was expected to assume command of SHIELD, however the Deltite-controlled oversight council that ran the agency cited Dugan's heart condition as a specific reason not to choose him. Following that turn of events, Dugan was among one of the few agents who suspected something wrong with the hunt for a rouge Nick Fury and together with Gabe Jones and the Contessa, they uncovered the corruption at the heart of the Deltite Affair, leading to the dissolving of SHIELD.

After SHIELD disbanded Dugan retired to a civilian life with his wife and children, however a bizarre plot involving the Death's Head and the Yellow Claw unwittingly him and his family their lives. The death of Dugan spurned Fury to return to the world of espionage and avenge the death of his trusted and life-long friend. As events later revealed, Dugan was in fact still alive, frozen by the Yellow Claw and allowed to be found by Fury. The motivations behind the Yellow Claw's elaborate ploy remain a mystery unsolved.

Returned to active duty, Dugan served as a firm bedrock for Fury during the formative months of the new SHIELD and later the traumatic events of the massacre at SHIELD Central in 1991 and the subsequent fiasco involving the brainwashing of long thought dead agents of SHIELD. Once again Dugan was at the front lines alongside Fury, most notably on a mission with to thwart the theft of a long lost Soviet nuclear submarine. Together with the mutant Wolverine, Fury and Dugan put a minor dent in the growing HYDRA arsenal. Dugan was in command of the helicarrier when it was hijacked by a cadre of super-terrorists lead by Mad Dog and bankrolled by AIM, enduring considerable torture at the hands of the

Dugan briefly served as director of SHIELD in 1993, however the position was nearly in name only as Fury still ran SHIELD. Fury took back the mantle later that year in time to lead an invasion against Von Strucker's base in Iceland.

Feeling his age in the years that followed, Dugan served more in an administrative sense, always close at Fury's side to offer consultation and advice. Among the crises SHIELD faced were the subterranean Tantalus and the terrorist organization known as DANTE. Despite his age, Dugan was not opposed to some field work, taking a shot in the leg following his escorting of former KGB officer Dmitri Panshin, which eventually led to a rouge band of SHIELD agents taking over the helicarrier.

In 1995, Dugan's loyalty to Fury tested their friendship as he sided with Fury's son, Mikel. Dugan and Mikel tried to capture the Punisher, who was gunning after Fury thinking he had the Castle family killed. The events of those days eventually culminated in the apparent 'death' of Nick Fury, shot and killed by the Punisher. Dugan was quick to oversee the situation and played a large role in the funeral of his dear friend.

Acting as a deputy director Dugan assisted the Contessa in the aftermath of Fury's death, helping her during the funeral and later in dealing with Mikel who went gunning for the Punisher looking to avenge his father's murder. Later under director G.W. Bridge's tenure, Dugan served aboard the carrier during the chaos of the apparent death of many of the world's heroes at the hands of Onslaught, seriously wounded during the helicarrier's crash into Manhattan harbor following attacks from Sentinels. Later Dugan served aboard the carrier, helping to solve the computer malfunctions aboard the new helicarrier caused by the evil spirit Ogun. Dugan also aided Ka-Zar in returning a terra former back to the Savage Land.

When the real Fury returned from Operation Back Slide, Dugan remained acting as unofficial commander of SHIELD as Fury maintained a low profile. Dugan kept tabs on the Thunderbolts and faced a plot by Nightmare with Sharon Carter and Captain America. In 2000, Dugan informed Captain America and Falcon that Fury was in fact alive and investigating a new threat from the Hate-Monger.

Dugan served as a special director during Sharon Carter's tenure of command in the agency, offering his experience in combating threats from AIM and their attacks with Proboscides and assisting her formation of the ELITE agents of SHIELD, whom he lead against the Thunderbolts.

When Nick Fury returned to the helm, Dugan now in his fifth decade at SHIELD seemed to adopt a much lower profile when compared to earlier years. Retiring from active combat roles, Dugan can still be seen at Fury's side, such as during the interrogation of the Vulture after the Identity Disc theft and SHIELD's recent dealings with Cable and his floating city of Providence.

Following the savage HYDRA attacks on SHIELD in 2005 that left Nick Fury injured, Dugan served as acting commander of SHIELD. Under his command, SHIELD launched an all-out assault on factions of HYDRA, AIM, and the cult known as the Hand lead by mutant Gorgon. He oversaw the Area 13 operations, passing command over to Clay Quatermain in 2005.

Shortly thereafter Nick Fury was forced underground after the fallout of the 'Secret War', leaving Dugan marked as a Fury 'loyalist' along with others like Sharon Carter and the Countessa. Dugan was assigned the task of capturing Wolverine in a zealous manhunt that ended with the mutant's capture. Soon thereafter, under Dugan's personal custody, Wolverine's son brutally stabbed Dum Dum with claws tearing through his chest.

Nonetheless Dugan was on the frontline as SHIELD faced some tough challenges under the directorship of Maria Hill. Dugan led a SHIELD team to attempt to take down Captain America after the hero refused to obey the newly enacted Registration Act. In the battle that followed, Dugan was spared by Captain America.

Dugan faced a tougher challenge in the wake of the Civil War between the heroes, with Tony Stark becoming director of SHIELD. The return of the Mandarin and the deadly return of the Hulk from his exile in space were among crisis that Dugan faced.

Shortly after Captain America's death, Dugan is replaced by a Skrull. This Skrull posed as the Countessa DeFontaine. Later he commits himself to a suicide run and explodes himself aboard the orbiting headquarters of SWORD to pave the way for the Skrull invasion.

Other Appearances

Nick Fury, Empyre by Will Murray

Gary Chalk as Timothy Aloysius Dugan
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (tv movie)

Iron Man animated series (1995)

Alternate Appearances
1602: 5, 6, 7
Avengers (2): 12
Captain America (2): 1, 3
Captain America (4): 19-20
Captain America (5): 10
Fantastic Four (2): 2,11
Fantastic Four - The End: 3
(MAX) Fury: 2
Marvel Apes: 3
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days
Mutant X: 1, 15-16
Paradise X Heralds: 3
(MAX) US War Machine: 3-5, 7-12
(MAX) US War Machine 2.0: 1-3
What If...(1): 14
What If...(2): 7, 28, 51, 57

Non-Narrative Appearances
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1): 10,13
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Update '89: 2
Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2004: Golden Age
Marvel Knights Genesis Edition
The Marvel Encyclopedia (DK) 2006

Dugan's funeral on December 15 is reported in the 'Milestones' section of Marvel: 1989, A Year in Review

W. Morgan Sheppard voiced Dum Dum Dugan in the 1995 episode, "Cell of Iron" of the Iron Man animated series.

In the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Scott MacDonald voiced both Dum Dum Dugan and Nick Fury; the first actor ever to do so.



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