Sidney 'Gaff' Levine
Alias: None
Status: Active
Rank: Technician (L-8)
Specialties: Weapons development   

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth- New York City
Marital Status: Single



Captain America (1): 248
The Incredible Hulk (1): 188, 212-216, 219
Hulk Comic (UK Weekly): 1, 2
Kitty Pride, Agent of SHIELD: 1
Marvel Fanfare: 16-17
Marvel Graphic Novel: Sensational She-Hulk
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (1): 14

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2): 43, 44, 47

Nick Fury Vs SHIELD: 1-2, 4, 6
Quasar (1): 1
She-Hulk (3): 17
Strange Tales (1):157, 162-163, 167

-Life Model Decoy

Appearance Highlights
Marvel Fanfare #16-17
First appearance as part of the Sky-wolves

Strange Tales (1) #157
First appearance as a SHIELD agent

Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #1-6
Replaced with a Deltite LMD. Dies aboard SHIELD satellite

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #45
Levine returns as a brainwashed agent of HYDRA.

Non-Narrative Appearances
Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1): 10

Although not named in the issue, a character similar to Levine is seen providing equipment to Sue Storm in the Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #10

Disarming with his habit of calling everyone 'boychik', Levine,worked as a Hollywood special effects man in addition to being a scientist and expert in computers and robotics prior to joining SHIELD.

As part of the Sky-Wolves, a WWII aerial combat team that was funded by industrialist Matt Slade Jr, Levine flew modified F5U jets against the Nazis just prior to the United States entering the war. Levine flew Flapjack #2 which was the only plane equipped with a holo-projector.

Levine eventually headed up the "gadget" division at SHIELD and was responsible for designing many of Fury's most innovative equipment, including later versions of his hover car and a motorbike patterned after Fury's hover car. Levine's vast knowledge afforded him pulling double duty as chief scientist, medical officer or engineer, depending on Fury and SHIELD's needs at the moment. His infectious enthusiasm and amazing skills earned Levine the nickname of "Gaff" from an impressed Nick Fury. Among his inventions, Levine devised the transcontinental contra-energy transverser, and a motorbike with hover and stealth abilities.

Levine was aboard the helicarrier when it was taken over by the Bi-Beast, and was instrumental in trying to rid the carrier of its hijacker, bringing the Hulk aboard with the carrier's vortex beam.

Levine was among the first to fall prey to the Deltite LMD, adding Levine's profile in order to gain more knowledge on how to use SHIELD's technology to improve its plans. Levine's knowledge and prior experience with not only Life Model Decoys, but more highly advanced human replicas such as the android Baron Von Strucker created by Machinesmith, helped the Deltite LMD to pioneer the second generation of Life Model Decoy, using human genetic material and memory emgrams stored in the ESP division.

Its therefore unclear how long Levine was placed in stasis and when his Delta LMD was first integrated into SHIELD. The Deltan Levine was already replaced when Fury was recovering the power core of the downed helicarrier, and had in fact ordered two agents to break open the core as a ways of distracting Nick Fury from plans that were underway with project Delta. the Deltan Levine was on hand during the HYDRA attack on the helicarrier crash site, making it easier to acquire Clay Quartermain.

Levine was thought to have died along with countless other agents aboard the SHIELD satellite but he was later revived and brain washed into a HYDRA agent as part of Baron Von Strucker's final gambit against Nick Fury in 1993. He was later seen helping to solve the computer malfunctions aboard the helicarrier caused by the evil spirit Ogun.

Levine continues to work for SHIELD after Nick Fury's 'Secret War' and the appointing of Tony Stark as director of SHIELD. Levine was working with Clay Quartermain and She-Hulk in the wake of the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act.


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