G. W. (George Washington) Bridge
Alias: None
Status: Resigned
Rank: Executive Director
Specialties: Administration, Field Operative, Agent Training 

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth- Unrevealed, presumably in the United States.
Marital Status: Single


Cable (1): 3-4, 33, 37, 45, 47, 59-62, 80-83, 91-93
Cable, Blood & Metal: 1-2
Cable/Deadpool: 6, 8-12,27,33-34
Cable/Machine Man Annual: 1998
Iron Man (3): 6
Kitty Pryde, Agent of SHIELD: 1
Machine Man/Bastion Annual: 1998
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2): 33-35, 45-47
Punisher (3): 7, 11-12, 17
Punisher War Journal (2): 1-3, 5-11, 13-25
Thunderbolts (1): 6, 8, 10, 15-16, 27, 48-50, 53, 56
Tales of the Marvel Universe: 1
X-Force: 1-2, 4-5, 8, 11-14, 19-21, 55, 63-64, 69
X-Force and Spider-Man: Sabotage
X-Men: 91
Wolverine (1):

Appearance Highlights

X-Force #1
First appearance

X-Force #11-14
Puts together Weapon Prime to apprehend Cable.

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #33
Introduces the Super Agents to Nick Fury

Punisher (3) #7
Appointed head of SHIELD

Punisher (3) #11
Is aboard the Helicarrier as it crashes in NYC harbor

Cable #60-62
Helps expose corruption within SHIELD's EXCETCHOP Division

Cable/Deadpool #7
Forms a new SHIELD backed Six Pack to hunt down Cable.

Punisher War Journal (2) #8
Tony Stark terminates Bridge's involvement with SHIELD.

Notable Alternate appearance
Fantastic Five: 4-5
Spider Girl (1): 31

Presumably named for the president (not the the bridge), George Washington Bridge left his mercenary days behind to put his skills to work for SHIELD, however his long association with the mutant Cable seems to never be far behind. 

During his mercenary days, Bridge fought alongside Cable and together formed the mercenary group WildPack. Fighting the likes of the Mandarin,
this team of mercenaries led by Cable included in its ranks Domino, Grizzly, Hammer, Kane (now Weapon X II), and Bridge, warriors who felt uncomfortable working in any rigid, sanctioned system. Cable and Bridge forged a bond fighting in Asia, Wakanda, and Europe, Bridge being the one of the few who knew anything of Cable's true nature. The team later changed the name of the team to SixPack for fear of threatened legal action by Silver Sable's mercenary team, also called the Wild Pack. Little is known about the operation of this team. Most or all of their missions were paid for by unknown benefactors and most or all records of their activities have been deemed classified by both the American and Canadian governments. The team disbanded after confronting Stryfe on a mission to retrieve a disk containing important information and Cable became a wanted man while Bridge joined SHIELD.

Among Bridge's most notable missions (and failures); he sought to apprehend the rogue X-Force, lead by Cable. Bridge put together a team known as Weapon Prime, all with an axe to grind against Cable, including former SixPacker Grizzly. Together Weapon Prime engaged Cable and his team of young mutants, but in their initial skirmish, Cable escaped SHIELD. Bridge also sought to reinstate the "Super Agents" program, however this initiative met with with unintended disastrous results as most of the agents turned out to be HYDRA moles.

Following the "death" of Nick Fury, Bridge was appointed director of SHIELD, following an interim period where various sub commanders were running the agency including Scorpio and the Countessa. His long association with mutants lead to Bridge commissioning the mutant Kitty Pride as an agent for a short time. As director of SHIELD, Bridge helped ease the vendetta against Frank Castle for what the world believed to be the murder of Nick Fury. Bridge booted Fury's son out of the agency and made sure of keeping the agency's hands clean of any revenge against Castle. Bridge was aboard the helicarrier when it was shot down by Sentinels in Manhattan harbor. Together with the surviving SHIELD agents and the Punisher, they fended off attempts by gangs to strip the carrier of its weapons. .

Following Nick Fury's return to SHIELD (and the living), Bridge rescinded his directorship and returned to the rank and file of SHIELD, for a time serving in the Washington D.C. branch. While there Bridge became aware of a plot to use Cable to power the Nemesis project by SHIELD's notorious EXCETCHOP subdivision. Bridge helped blow the lid off the project to the public.

Following the return of Cable's space station, Greymalkin, now named Providence, SHIELD and the X-Men teamed up to counter Cable. Bridge formed a new Six Pack to bring Cable down on his base on Providence. Following a 48 hour ultimatum from Cable to rid all its weapons an all out assault is launched. Eventually it takes the Silver Surfer to finally bring Cable down, however Cable lobotomizes his higher telekinetic functions and Deadpool is blamed for it. Bridge and the new SixPack came to collect Cable's body, but they became trapped in his mind until Deadpool managed to heal Cable's mind, freeing them all. Despite Cable's new image of a near global savior with a new island nation, Bridge continues to harbor distrust for Cable.

Following the failure of the latest SixPack, Bridge resigned from SHIELD, converted to Islam, and briefly returned to mercenary work with Domino before being talked back into SHIELD by Jasper Sitwell. Assigned to track down and capture the Punisher, Bridge was nearly successful but Castle managed an escape. Following this latest incident, Bridge left SHIELD, tired of its red tape and worked as an independent contractor for SHIELD, again in pursuit of the Punisher. Following Tony Stark ascending the directorship of SHIELD from Nick Fury, Stark briefly cut all ties to Bridge due to his inability to capture the Punisher. Shortly thereafter Jasper Sitwell brought Bridge back into the fold and soon the hunt for the Punisher began anew.

Bridge was elected the President of the United States in the MC-2 universe.

Toy Biz released a G.W. Bridge action figure in 1992.


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