Mikel 'Scorpio' Fury
Scorpio, Mike Fury, Michael Fury
Status: Suspended
Rank: Field agent
Specialties: Field Operative

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth- Carpassia

Known Relatives
Father: Nick Fury
Mother: Amber D'Alexis (deceased)
Uncle: Jake Fury (deceased)
Aunt: Dawn Fury

Jack Fury - grandfather (deceased)
Mrs. Jack Fury - grandmother (deceased)


Daredevil (1): 344
Fury of SHIELD: 1-4

Ghost Rider (2): 65

Double Edge: Alpha, Omega

Punisher (3): 1, 7

Scorpio Rising
The Scorpio Connection

Appearance Highlights

The Scorpio Connection
First appearance 

Scorpio Rising

Leaves SHIELD to fight in Casparian civil war 

Fury of SHIELD #1:

Rejoins SHIELD

Double Edge Omega:

Leads SHIELD team to track down the Punisher

Punisher (1) #7:
Is booted out of SHIELD for his vendetta against the Punisher

Non-Narrative Appearance
Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook

Raised in the East European nation of Carpassia by his mother Amber D'Alexis, Mikel Fury believed for years that his father was Jake Fury. Mikel trained under his mother to take the place of his slain "father" and take revenge upon the man who murdered him, Nick Fury. Armed with an imitation Zodiac Key (later alternately called the Cosmic Key or the Scorpio Key), mother and son plotted to destroy SHIELD via the return of Scorpio and the Swift Sword operation. D'Alexis masterminded a plot to supply equipment for terrorist organizations that eventually attracted the attention of SHIELD and its director. Nick Fury and Wolverine (who lost a friend in Swift Sword) teamed up to stop D'Alexis. Before she was killed by Wolverine, D'Alexis revealed to all the shocking truth; Nick Fury was in fact Mikel's father.

Mikel, who took to the name Scorpio, found himself at SHIELD, training as an agent with his father. Trying to undo the brainwashing his mother had instilled in him, Fury drove his son hard through rigorous training at SHIELD.

When civil war broke out in Carpassia, Mikel stole the Cosmic Key from a SHIELD installation and once again adopted his Scorpio persona to help the democratic forces there. Nick and Wolverine re teamed again to stop Scorpio from falling into the hands of HYDRA, who sought the Cosmic Key. Afterwards Mikel became the leader of his nation and Fury allowed him to keep the Cosmic Key.

Fury was not long for the political world however, tiring quickly
after a year of the political corruption. Scorpio uncovered an illegal black market in candy bars run by his ministers of defense, trade and state. This was the last straw for Scorpio and tendered his resignation and left for the United States.

Returning to New York City, Scorpio rejoined SHIELD with his father. Scorpio was on hand to help defeat a plot to detonate a bomb in NYC, providing for a rare occasion of SHIELD and HYDRA working together. Later both helped put down an arms dealer in Hell Kitchen.

When a brainwashed Punisher came gunning for Nick Fury, Scorpio spearheaded the team to apprehend him. Castle targeted Scorpio at one point in his game to lure Nick Fury out. While impersonating his father, Mikel seriously injured his eye like his father (however it seemed to heal). Despite the best attempts by SHIELD and various New York heroes, Nick Fury was shot dead before all to see. Showcasing the revenge-fueled anger from years before, Scorpio was driven to use SHIELD against orders in a vendetta against Frank Castle. Upon taking command of SHIELD, G.W. Bridge booted Mikel out of the agency.

Scorpio was not among those seen at Nick Fury's 'funeral' and he has not been seen since his father's return, the events of his death all having involved an LMD. Mikel Fury's present whereabouts and condition are unknown.

The 1998 Iron Fist miniseries featured a new female Scorpio who arranged to steal the Scorpio Key from a SHIELD base.

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