Kate Neville
Alias: none
Status: Deceased
Rank: Commander
Specialties: Field Operative, Weapons Specialist

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth-Long Island, New York
Marital Status: Single upon death

Known Relatives
Father - name unknown
Mother - name unknown



Captain America (1): 420
Daredevil (1): 298
(Marvel UK) Motormouth: 1, 3-6
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2): 1-9,12-20, 22, 25-27, 30-31,42, 46-47
Nick Fury Vs SHIELD: 4-6

Appearance Highlights

Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #4
First appearance

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #47
Kate is captured and killed by Baron Von Strucker

Cover Appearances
Daredevil (1) #298
Marvel Age #77
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #1-4, 15-17, 25, 27

Other Appearances
Tracy Waterhouse as Kate Neville
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (tv movie)

High-scoring graduate from the SHIELD training academy, Kate Neville could have expected an exciting career just by virtue of joining the agency. However nothing could have prepared her for being a major player in the Deltite Affair and death and subsequent rebirth of SHIELD alongside Nick Fury.

Neville was based in
a class-C station in Philadelphia when Nick Fury first burst into her life, literally. Neville did her best to apprehend him (a fact not lost on Fury) but she eventually failed after more SHIELD troops joined the fray.

During debriefing after the incident, she was discovered to hold a high ESPer score and was forwarded into the Delta program ahead of time where she eventually imprisoned with the captured Countessa. Both women witnessed the quasi-religious preparation of the final phase of the Deltite LMD's plans. A Delta copy was made of Neville, however it was damaged.

After the Deltite Affair and the disbanding of SHIELD,
Neville accompanied Nick Fury to Nova Scotia to work in his private employ and the pair became romantically involved. Neville also maintained contact with Alexander Pierce who was made custodian of SHIELD Central.

While investigating an apparent new offshoot of HYDRA, known as the Death's Head Squad, Mac and Val brought Nick Fury and Kate into the investigation, uncovering an alien threat and neutralizing it. Convinced that there was still a need for SHIELD, Fury agreed to start a new organization.

When the new SHIELD was formed, she joined as director of ordinance and as an active field agent. She served on the front lines of many of the early threats faced by the agency when it was still nothing more then a small elite team. Among the threats she faced were the terrorist Leviathan, Lohan, a splinter of HYDRA lead by the Yellow Claw. Over time, Fury & Neville's relationship took a tumble after HYDRA leveled SHIELD Central and massacred 1,500 future agents and Fury distanced himself from his friends, including Neville. 

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker used her as bait to lure Nick Fury to HYDRA's Iceland fortress where she sadly met a grisly death inside of of an iron maiden.

In the Fox tv-movie, Kate Neville posses ESP abilities. This is either an allusion to her high ESP scores as mentioned in the Nick Fury Vs SHIELD miniseries or her character is perhaps meant to be an amalgamation of Neville and Nina, also from SHIELD (v.2).


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