James "Jimmy" Woo Yen Jet
Alias: None
Agent Status:
Rank: Special Field Officer (L-4)
Field Operative, Interrogations (Level 3)

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth-Cheverly, Maryland
Marital Status: Divorced

Known Relatives
Father - Kim Woo (deceased)
Mother - Margaret Woo



Agents of Atlas: 1-6
Avengers (1): 72
Daredevil Annual: 10

Giant-Size Marvel Adventures #1
Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu: 1-4 (reprints)
Godzilla King of the Monsters: 1-4, 6-8, 10, 13-15, 17-22, 24
Marvel Holiday Special 1994
Marvel Fanfare: 12-13
(MK) Elektra: 4
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (1): 2, 9
Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2): 43-44, 47
Nick Fury Vs SHIELD: 1-6**
Quasar (1): 1
Secret War: 1
Spider-Man Family: 4
Strange Tales (1): 160-163, 166-168
Yellow Claw:
** Life Model Decoy

Appearance Highlights

Yellow Claw #1
First appearance

What If? (1) #9
Plays vital role in bringing together an early form of the Avengers to combat the Yellow Claw

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (1) #2


Godzilla King of Monsters #6
Sparks a romance with Tamara while tracking down the beast Godzilla

Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #1-6

Replaced by an LMD which later dies on the SHIELD satellite

Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) #45
Returns as brainwashed HYDRA agent

Agents of Atlas #1-5
A rejuvenated Woo squares off a final time against the Yellow Claw.

Notable Alternate appearance
Ultimate Spider-Man: 15
What If? (1): 9

Non-Narrative Appearances
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1): 10
Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury

A curious twist of fate befell James 'Jimmy' Woo, whose Chinese parents had raised him on stories of the mysterious mandarin, who was to be both his future nemesis and benefactor, The Yellow Claw. Assigned by The Federal Bureau of Investigation to seek out and stop the Claw, Woo boarded an airplane bound for San Francisco, the first step in what would become a long series of duels and adventures against the menacing Claw. Eventually he would fall for the Claw's niece Suwan, and build his career on combating the Claw throughout the 1950's.

As part of his adventures against the Claw, Woo formed a precursor to the modern-day Avengers in 1958, to combat the Claw against an attack on the United States and free the kidnapped President of the United States. Named Avengers by Woo in lieu of their avenging the Yellow Claw's crimes, the modern day Avengers would follow the same tradition. Woo was ordered to disband the team shortly after at the behest of the President as he felt the world was not ready to know of such super-powered beings. Although briefly erased from ever happening at all, these events did in fact occur and were kept top secret until 2006. As a result, Woo was assigned an Eagle directive, preventing him from working with the 'Avengers' of 1958 ever again due to his status as a national hero. Years later Woo would recommend Gorilla Man for recruitment into the 'Howling Commandos', SHIELD's elite supernatural task force.

When Nick Fury and Captain America sought his help in defeating what would later turn out to be a robotic double of the Yellow Claw, Fury offered Woo a position in SHIELD. Woo left the FBI and joined SHIELD shortly thereafter. His enrollment into the agency was crucial as his experience in fighting The Claw proved useful time and time again; especially in light of Woo's relationship with the Claw's grand niece, Suwan. Woo put his martial arts training and technical skills to good use with an organization whose order he greatly admired and believed in.

In the late 1970's he was on special assignment with Dum Dum and Gabe Jones aboard the helicarrier Behemoth to retrieve and capture the Japanese monster Godzilla. Later he distinguished himself in helping the Black Widow defeat mad munitions-maker Damon Dran from destroying the helicarrier.

In 1988 Woo became embroiled in the Deltite Affair and lost his humanity in a bid for eternal youth through a series of short-lived human/LMD hybrids. Woo's Deltite LMD (one of a number of them) was among the inner circle who sought to establish a new quasi-religous world order through SHIELD, HYDRA and Roxxon. Woo was thought lost when the SHIELD satellite self destructed but in fact Woo was brainwashed and placed in stasis by Von Strucker and later revived to battle Fury as a HYDRA agent.

Woo served briefly as the U.S. Secretary of State during the time of the Scorpio Key incident in Iraq however by 2004 was back as an active agent of SHIELD serving as one of the agency's primary interrogators, often teaming up with long time SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell. By 2006, Woo was characterized by some as having spent his SHIELD career doing little but "base work, interrogation", despite his decades of active service.

That same year Woo lead a rouge SHIELD team to investigate the Atlas Foundation. Woo was nearly killed, his body severely burned and left comatose. His former 'Avengers' teammates, including Gorilla Man (now a SHIELD agent via the 'Howling Commandos' program) broke Woo out from a secret SHIELD installation and rejuvenated him back to his early twenties with no memories of his SHIELD career. Agent Derek Khanata was tapped to take Woo's former position on the agency command circle and had Woo declared deceased, along with Gorilla Man, although in fact Woo remained alive. A returned Yellow Claw revealed a long gestating plan to tap Woo, as his successor as the heir to the dynasty of Gengis Kahn. Woo accepted in order to use the vast resources of the Atlas Foundation for the forces of good.

"Jimmy Woo" is also the name of an unrelated nightclub in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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