Nick Fury. Dum Dum Dugan. Sharon Carter. These are the names that spring to mind when one mentions SHIELD, but over the years there have many countless agents that have appeared in just about every modern-day title Marvel Comics has published. Below is an ever-growing list of named SHIELD agents.

Agent 9
rogue agent who took over the Helicarrier for the Red Skull. He fought Captain America and Sharon Carter, who later killed him inside of transporter beam -Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1.


John Adams Allen
Head of the ESPer squad, Allen eventually discovered the flat scan brainwaves of a large segment of the SHIELD agents, clueing him in to the Deltite Affair. -Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #3

Dr. Ames
Medical surgeon stationed at SHIELD Central. -Marvel Team-Up #83

Earl Angstrum
Senior agent at SHIELD whose son, Harry (also an agent) was killed by the mutation of former Deathlok John Kelly known as Biohazzard. He initially thought the Michael Collins Deathlok was responsible but eventually teamed up with him to stop Biohazzard.
-Deathlok (1) #12, 15

Harry Angstrum
Records division agent at SHIELD whose last day before being promoted to field operative was cut short when he was devoured by Biohazzard.-Deathlok (1) #12

Agent in charge of securing the alien space ship of Golden Blade and Sapper.-Iron Man (3) #25

Kenneth Avery
Thirty year veteran at SHIELD serving as a senior officer aboard the SHIELD helicarrier.-Sabertooth & Mystique #1



Agent stationed aboard the helicarrier.
-Deathlok (1) #15

Ted Bailey
Stationed at front company D-Fleks Industries. Briefly carried the consciousness of Jack Truman until it was passed to his son, Billy Bailey.-Deathlok (3) #1-2, 4

Doctor Belgrade
Chief scientist in charge of the Nemesis project. Was eventually killed by his own creations. -Cable #60-61

Ranking officer at SHIELD's Venice station.
-Scorpio Connection

Instructor at the SHIELD Saudi Arabia facility. An old friend of Fury, he helped him investigate the whereabouts of Agent Ferrari.
-Captain America (3) #33-35

Undercover agent of A.I.M. who discovered the frozen body of Protocide while on inventory duty at a SHIELD Virginia storage center. He killed his compatriots and brought Protocide to A.I.M.
-Captain America (3) #25-27, 35-40

Cameron Bissett
SHIELD ensign, taken down by Sabertooth and later impersonated by Mystique.
Sabertooth & Mystique #1

Blue Streak
Professional criminal who infiltrated SHIELD as a double agent for The Corporation. His abilities with rocket powered roller blades qualified him for entry into the Super Agents program. He was later assassinated by Scourge.(Captain America (1) #217- 318) 

Administrator in charge of the Personal Effects Dept. Possibly a special transfer from MI6. (Strange Tales, Untold Tales of Spiderman -1)

Not much is known about Special Agent Brand, only that she heads S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department) and she has green Viper/HYDRAesque hair. It appears that she may be on equal footing with Nick Fury, but at the same time she follows orders that he barks out. As head of SWORD, Brand was responsible for dealing with Ord and his intentions of wiping out mutants on Earth. Nick Fury knew of this plan, but did nothing until the X-Men got involved. Then he stood aside as the X-Men discovered what Ord was up to and forced Brand to tell them the truth about the cure and the reason why Ord was on Earth.(Astonishing X-Men #4-10) (Bio by Stacy Ricco)

John Bronson
Agent who was killed and his identity taken by Baron Von Strucker to infiltrate SHIELD. (Strange Tales)

Barth Bukowski
Regional director of the Los Angeles SHIELD headquarters. 
(Spider-Woman (1) #13,16)



Appointment secretary for Nick Fury. (Deathlok (3) #5)

Colonel Kuro Chin
Designated Agent 60, he was a colonel in the Yashonka military. He was contacted in Yashonka by Captain America and gave him information on the Z-Ray. Chin was shot dead helping Captain America escape from the Communist country.  (Tales of Suspense #86)

Cyborg agent, died on mission to El Corazon de la Muerte. (Deathlok (3) #6)

Agent who noted traffic on the Project Contingency files at SHIELD HQ. Ordered by Sharon Carter to have them deleted. (Wolverine/Captain America #2)

William Collins
Division commander to whom a former commando of the Nazi- hunting task force of Shin-Bet came to for help when she learned that the Red Skull and the Hate-Monger were holding slave captives on a nearby island. Despite orders to standby until a super-hero team such as the Avengers or the Fantastic Four could be notified, Collins ordered a raid on AIM island and bravely lead a battle to raze the island and defeat the Hate-Monger's plans. (Super Villian Team-Up #17)

Condor is a member of the SHIELD black ops team, the Contingency. The team of assassins is led by Rapture and was designed to specifically to kill known mutants. Not much is known about Condor or the rest of the Contingency, except for they were once a SHIELD black ops team, now turned rogue. Condor is currently being held in a SHIELD detention facility after being captured by Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird. (Captain America/Wolverine #1-4)
(Bio by Stacy Ricco)

Part of surveillance team that botched an attempt to contact Captain America. Was later assigned inventory duty at Virginia storage center where he was killed by an undercover AIM agent.(Captain America (3) #25-27) 

Female friend of Val at SHIELD Central's exercise facility. (Scorpio Connection)



Losing the lower half of his body following an operation in Morocco, agent Darwin was forced to join the SHIELD cyborg unit. He died on mission to El Corazon de la Muerte, lead by Deathlok.
(Deathlok (3) #6)

DePaul was a dedicated, but overzealous, SHIELD agent in charge of an investigation into the activities of the Deviant warlord Tantalus. This lead him into conflict with the special police squad Code: Blue , who were searching for Pandara, a mystical serial killer. Pandara had ties to Tantalus, and DePaul believed Code: Blue's investigation was jeopardizing the security of SHIELD's activities. DePaul had Code: Blue arrested, although the police squad were later freed due to the intervention of Thunderstrike, Spider-Man, and Nick Fury.
(Thunderstrike #5-7, 13-14) Shortly after, DePaul was instrumental in convincing the U.S. government not to destroy the deadly weapon known as Inferno 42, but instead to store it below the ruins of SHIELD's old HQ, in the event that it might be needed as a weapon in the future. Eventually, DePaul's overwhelming dedication to order & authority got the better of him. Convinced the world was precariously balanced on the edge of nuclear destruction, DePaul joined forces with the rogue Greek god Ares to build the Gabriel Horn, a weapon that would destroy all technology on Earth except for that of SHIELD's, enabling him to establish a new world order. DePaul was killed by agent Kara Palamas. (Hercules: Heart of Chaos #1-3)(bio by Ben Herman)

Drew Daniels aka 'Texas Twister'
Joined the original Super-Agents program under the name of the Texas Twister. Daniels was a former rodeo performer and cattle hand who was bombardment by radioactive particles during a tornado. He gained superhuman stamina, reflexes, and the telekinetic ability to create tornados. After the revelation of double-agents working for the Corporations within SHIELD, Daniels quit the SHIELD and went on to form a team of his own called the Rangers.
(Captain America (1) #217-229)

Roger Dooley
A Level 4 officer in SHIELD who usurped Dum-Dum Dugan's rank and used the helicarrier to capture and examine the She-Hulk. He was then taken over by super-intelligent cockroaches leading his body to be destroyed by the She-Hulk. (Marvel Graphic Novel #18)

Stanley Dreyfuss
SHIELD agent who served as Elektra's contact on Operation: Lock Kiss, who thought he had killed her. Later learns he is in fact a Life Model Decoy.
(Elektra (2) #1-4)



Joanie Eaton
Code-named Nails as a member of the ELITE agents of SHIELD. (Captain America Annual 2000, Thunderbolts (1) #71)



John Facchino
Agent working in SHIELD's human resources department sent to offer Deathlok some help in gaining health insurance and work.
(Deathlok (1) #13)

Rigby Fallon
Boy genius who graduated with a Masters from M.I.T. at age seventeen. Quickly recruited into SHIELD, Fallon joined the Artificial Intelligence division and wrote nearly all the programs for the current helicarrier (Editor's Note: Helicarrier #3 I assume). He worked with Kitty Pride against the evil spirit Ogun.
(Kitty Pride: Agent of SHIELD #1-3)

E.B. Farrell
Gunslinging weapons expert for the ELITE agents of SHIELD. Calling himself the "Kid" and patterns himself after a cowboy and the exploits of the World War II era Howling Commandos.(Captain America Annual 2000, Thunderbolts (1) #71)

David Ferrari
Top operative working for SHIELD's toxic-weapons division, The Furnace, Ferrari was thought dead following a mission to retrieve the Omega Compound from an A.I.M. facility in the Middle East. Following his return from the 'dead', Nick Fury lead a proper investigation which lead him to Kamiskan where he discovered Ferrari was indeed alive and now a rogue terrorist known as The Answer. Captain America brought him back to justice in the United States, with the unfortunate side effect of ending his relationship with Ferrari's sister, Connie.
(Captain America (3): #41-43)

SHIELD helicarrier technician.
(Sabertooth & Mystique #1)



Field agent working for the Foreign Affairs office. (Cable (1) #59)

Lt. Jonathan "Tom" Gittes
Auxiliary CO and security chief aboard the helicarrier who grew discontent with SHIELD's post-Cold War activities and initiated a coup aboard the helicarrier to hold a war crimes trial of a former KGB agent. He was killed during the hijacking by agent Thruman. (Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood Truce)

Female technician at SHIELD's Venice station. (Scorpio Connection)

Fell in with a group of renegade agents looking to take over the helicarrier for an impromptu war crime trial against a KGB agent. (Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood Truce)

Dr. Erik Gorbo
SHIELD scientist who changes his form into that of a gorilla to commit crimes. Tangled with Captain America and the Mole Man. (Captain America #135-136)



Intelligence agent on staff at SHIELD Central.(Scorpio Connection)

Psi-powered agent who subdued Spider-Man.

Hugh Howard
Pilot and mechanic for served aboard the Bemouth IV helicarrier, charged with capturing Godzilla.
(Godzilla King of Monsters # 6- 8, 10- 11, 17- 19, 22-24)

Margaret Huff
Nick Fury's personal secretary at SHIELD Central.(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1) #14) Later she was reassigned to the SHIELD Los Angeles branch where she died investigating a strange cult. 

Jerry Hunt
Agent assigned to Scotland Yard to investigate a counterifet ring, Hunt crossed paths with Jessica Drew, aka the original Spider-Woman in London. They eventually joined together to search for her father and lived as lovers in Los Angeles. The pair separated as Drew's crime-fighting began to grow and Hunt accepted a posting back in London. (Spider-Woman (1) #1-16)

Horatio Huxley
Ranking executive of Level 13 briefly involved in Canda's Alpha Flight before being hired to SHIELD against Fury's wishes. Is known to covet Fury's job.
(Deathlok (3) #4)



Wakandian native who felt shunned by her own nation, Ivory used her vibranium based psionic powers to join a recruitment drive by Roxxon to hijack the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. Whilst taking the ship, she realized she was making a mistake and turned against her former employer and saved the lives of Fury and Dugan. Fury's final act before resigning his directorship to Dugan was sponsoring Ivory into the "Super Agents" program.-Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #33-35 Ivory's career as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent was short-lived however as she was killed by her fellow Super Agents who were in fact HYDRA spies.
-Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #40-45



Pilot in Unit 6 of the Air Cavalry.
Deathlok (3): #1

Brent Jackson
Agent Jackson was the agent assigned to head up the manhunt for Wolverine after he committed the brutal murder of Senator Drexel Walsh. Jackson was assigned to lead the effort over Nick Fury because of Fury's. past ties with Wolverine. Jackson tracked down Wolverine and lured him into a trap by having a Nick Fury LMD lure Wolverine into a trap. Agent Jackson maneuvered himself into a position to secure the access codes to Wolverine's cell in the Cage. His true loyalties were revealed when he handed over the codes to Sabretooth and the Weapon X Project. Jackson had infiltrated SHIELD for Weapon X to allow the project to capture Wolverine.-Wolverine #163-164 He is now back with Weapon X and the right hand man of the Director. His responsibilities include the day-to-day operations of the project including coordinating strike missions, recruitment, personnel management, and other tasks to achieve the project's goals. During his time with SHIELD he formed a special mutant-tracking taskforce named the Contingency. (Bio by Stacy Ricco)

Valerie Jessup (Toomes)
Blackmailed by A.I.M. with the threat of revealing the fact she lied and covered up the fact that she is actually the daughter of the Vulture, Jessup recruited a team of villains as Valeria Merrick to raid A.I.M. on the pretenses of obtaining the rumored 'Identity Disc' for the criminal Tristam Silver.
-Identity Disc #5

Disguised as an airplane pilot, attempted to free SHIELD Agents from City of the Space Gods. Was repulsed by Ajak -Thor (1) #283-285

Youthful field agent with Fury during the operation to stop Pantheon from breaking in to Ft. Cheer Maximum Security Prison. -The Incredible Hulk (1) #411 Nicknamed "Jonesy" by Fury. She also worked close with him during SHIELD's attempts to capture the Punisher.
-The Incredible Hulk (1) #433

Major Shera Joseph
Working out of the Los Angeles branch office, Joseph headed the SHIELD taskforce in the African republic of Imaya when War Machine, Cable, and Deathlok joined forces to free human rights activist Vincent Cetewayd. After the events in Imaya, Sheva left SHIELD  -War Machine: 1-8 Along with Jim Rhodes (War Machine), she joined Worldwatch, a proactive global human rights group. Later, Sheva and Rhodes aided SHIELD and traveled back in time and prevented a neo-Nazi group from altering the past so that Germany won World War II. Unfortunately, the time machine they used was an experimental device that exposed them to a time quake, and Sheva was tragically stricken with "time fatigue," a degenerative condition that rapidly aged her in a matter of days before killing her. -War Machine: 11-13, 15-17,19-21, 23-24



Field agent with Fury during the investigation of the assassinations at the J-2 conference. (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #24)

Pilot in Unit 6 of the Air Cavalry. (Deathlok (3): #1-3)

Judith Klemmer (Agent 324)
Agent charged with tracking down Baron Ludwig von Schtupf and putting an end to his mad scheme, which involved building an army with Spiderman, Man-Wolf and the Frankenstein Monster. Together with the heroes, she was able to stop him. (Marvel Team-Up #36)

Cameron Klein
Grade T-7 technician who sought to trick Captain America into visiting his ailing grandfather at the hospital.-Captain America (3): #32 Later he rose in prominence as a field agent, serving alongside Captain America and Director Sharon Carter during the war against A.I.M. in early 2001. Played a crucial role in capturing the villain known as Cache -
Captain America (3): #38-40

Helen Kim
SHIELD agent investigating the crime family of the Brothers Grace, teamed up with the unofficial "team" of Punisher, Daredevil and the Black Widow. Marvel Knights (2)

Killdeer is a member of the SHIELD black ops team, the Contingency. The team of assassins is led by Rapture and was designed to specifically to kill known mutants. Not much is known about Killdeer or the rest of the Contingency, except for they were once a SHIELD black ops team, now turned rogue. Killdeer is currently being held in a SHIELD detention facility after being captured by Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird.Captain America/Wolverine #1-4 (Bio by Stacy Ricco)

Kite is a member of the SHIELD black ops team, the Contingency. The team of assassins is led by Rapture and was designed to specifically to kill known mutants. Not much is known about Kite or the rest of the Contingency, except for they were once a SHIELD black ops team, now turned rogue. Kite is currently being held in a SHIELD detention facility after being captured by Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird. Captain America/Wolverine #1-4(Bio by Stacy Ricco)

Little is known of him aside from his being genetically enhanced with superior size and strength and that he hails from Australia. The operation may have been as a result of a near-death experience in the Australian Outback. Entered into the "Super Agents" program by G.W. Bridge, Knockabout later shed further light on his history; revealing himself to be a double agent of HYDRA. -Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #33-35,40-45

Eric Koenig
German defector who despised what the Nazi party had done to his homeland, Koenig joined the Howling Commandos to fill in for Dino Manelli after he was seriously injured and made an official Howler soon thereafter. After the war, Koenig joined the civil air service and became an airline pilot and for reasons unknown, was the only Howling Commando unable to return for the Korean War. Years later, Koenig once again found himself fighting alongside his comrades for a mission in Vietnam.
Shortly thereafter, Koenig followed his former commander and fellow teammates Dum Dum and Jones into SHIELD.
He reunited with the Howlers in order to rescue Gen. Sawyer from a LMD of Von Strucker (Captain America (1) #145-146), and later found himself replaced by an LMD, as one of the many agents who fell into the Deltite Affair. (Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #1-3) Although he was not among those initially revived as brainwashed HYDRA agents, Koenig's real body must have been found eventually as he was last seen, retired from service, attending Nick Fury's "funeral".

Bruno Kreah
A low-level engineer whom Fury admired for his designs and work on surveillance equipment used to infiltrate Datalink Systems. Fury drafted the Bronx-born techie into SHIELD and made him a helicarrier officer. Bruno was last seen shortly after the SHIELD Massacre helping to repair the damaged helicarrier.  Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2): 15-20, 25-26, 43,47

Sayuri Kyoto
Losing her grandmother in the Hiroshima bombing, Kyoto has oddly dedicated herself to munitions and explosives. Codenamed M-80, Kyoto acts a the demolitions expert for the ELITE agents of SHIELD. Captain America Annual 2000, Thunderbolts (1): #71



Shannon Lawrence
Undercover agent investigating the cult of James Haildon. She was exposed to a deadly mutating virus in an explosion at the Knox building in NYC that gave her the ability to shoot knives from her fingers. She gave her life to stop a missile strike on the Statute of Liberty.
The Call #1-4

Elizabeth Lockhart
In charge of overseeing the SHIELD budget through the global economic crunch, Lockhart rose quickly through the ranks and was a top agent during Nick Fury's final months, prior to his "death" at the hands of the Punisher. Sporting an elaborate arm-length cobra tattoo and an acid tongue, Lockhart tried to keep Fury in line with the budget, often clashing, especially in the case of Fury's smoking. Fury of SHIELD: 1- 4 She fell in with an intelligence cabal bent on controlling SHIELD. and turned traitor. The Countessa found her leaking information to the Punisher (who was brainwashed into thinking Fury had murdered his family) and eliminated Lockhart with maximum prejudice. Ghost Rider (2): 65; Double Edge: Omega



Dr. MacLain
High-ranking scientist whose groundbreaking research with adamantium paved the way for new understanding of the precious metal. His experiments lead to an attack by Ultron and required the assistance of the Avengers. Hank Pym substituted for MacLain during a speech at the United Nations. Avengers (1) #67-68

Kirby Martell
A SHIELD scientist, Martell operated a captured neo-Nazi time machine and sent Sheva Joseph & War Machine back in time to prevent history from being changed.  After the two returned from the past, Martell diagnosed that they were suffering from "time fatigue." War Machine was saved from the effects of the time quake because he bonded with an alien suit of armor. Unfortunately, Martell was unable to find a cure for Sheeva. Martell later witnessed an unsuccessful attempt by other SHIELD agents to capture War Machine to seize the alien weaponry bonded to him.  Martell apologized for her fellow agents' actions, explaining that, in the aftermath of Nick Fury's apparent death, SHIELD had become much more ruthless & manipulative, something she was very much opposed to. 
It is unknown if Martell stayed with SHIELD after this incident. War Machine: 15, 17, 20-21, 23-25

Alisanda Morales
Undercover in Cuba for 18 months, Morales (Ali to her friends) was working on busting the Ruvas drug cartel when a Daily Bugle reporter ran afoul of a the "Anti-Cap", a secret super-solider designed by US Navy intelligence. Morales helped Captain America and Falcon track down the "Anti Cap" to Miamiunder hurricane conditions.
Captain America and Falcon #1-4

Agent working in the reactor core of SHIELD Central whom Captain America makes a daring rescue for.
Captain America (3): #20



Wakandian technician who helped design and install many of the second helicarrier's central systems. 
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (2) #12

Serving in the Tech Directorate, agent Nagayoshi served under agent Khantana during the operation to outfit Camilla Black as Scorpion to combat an AIM cell set to unleash a chemical weapon -
Amazing Fantasy (2) #7-12 A black market technology ring operating out of SHIELD approached Nagayoshi about joining, but instead he confided in Scorpion, who together with Doc Samson and agent Khantana helped shut it down- Doc Samson #3.

David Nanjiwarra
Aboriginal agent of the ASIO (Australian Intel) who joined SHIELD upon Wolverine's encouragement. Hoping to escape the racial prejudice of his homeland, Nanjiwarra instead found racism on a global scale, seeing himself passed over for promotion time and time again. Preying on his disgruntlement with the agency, Scorpio used him as a mole to knock out anti-terrorist SHIELD enclaves in 1989.  When his usefulness had ended, Scorpio killed Nanjiwarra along with the rest of his team in Peru. 
Scorpio Connection



Kara Lynn Palamas
Palamas, Agent 33 of SHIELD, is a researcher & historian who has a special interest in classical mythology. She had studied the career of Greek god-turned-superhero Hercules, and was instrumental in recruiting him to aid SHIELD against Ares & his Warhawks. During Hercules' final battle with the Warhawks, Palamas discovered that SHIELD agent DePaul was a traitor working for Ares. DePaul attempted to kill Palamas, but instead died himself.
Palamas' current activities are unknown, but she is presumably still with SHIELD.Hercules: Heart of Chaos: 1-3 (bio by Ben Herman)

Jefferey Parks
Infiltrated City of the Space Gods in order to oppose the Celestials, but found himself reduced to basic matter. Later discovered by Thor. Eternals #6-7

Male technician at SHIELD's Venice station. 
Scorpio Connection

Mr. Postal
Mission coordinator for cyborg agents.
Deathlok (3): #6

Katherine Pryde
Former X-men and current Excalibur teammate, Pride was specially drafted into SHIELD by G.W. Bridge in order to fix the helicarrier. The malfunction was revealed to be a ploy by the evil spirit Ogun seeking revenge on Pryde and Wolverine.
Kitty Pride: Agent of SHIELD #1-3

Cybernetically enhanced native of Latveria, Psi-Borg was programmed with all forms of martial arts and other combat training. She was inducted as a charter member of the second "Super Agents" program. Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #33-35, 37 It was later revealed she was a double agent for working for HYDRA. She lost her life in a telepathic battle with SHIELD resident psychic, Nina.
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #40-45

Dave Purciel
One of the SHIELD graduates of 1993. He and his girlfriend were killed and their identities taken by Hydra in order to infiltrate the graduation ceremony 
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #25

Team leader of surveillance team that botched an attempt to contact Captain America. Was later assigned inventory duty at Virginia storage center where she was killed by an undercover AIM agent. 
Captain America (3): #25-27



Cliff Randall
Ace pilot who served as SHIELD's top pilot until he learned he was really an alien. Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1) #6

Appearances: Captain America/Wolverine #1-4, Weapon X: Kane
Leader of the Contingency and perhaps the most ruthless member of the team, Rapture has the moral ambiguity to be an assassin. As a low level telepath she can anticipate her opponent’s next move, making her very good at hand-to-hand combat. She has equipped herself with an experimental Neuro-Net Exoskeleton, which makes her impossible to track or detect, in addition to augmenting her strength by a factor of ten. Rapture, along with the rest of the Contingency, battled Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird. During a battle with Wolverine, his adamantium claws damaged the suit she wore and an electrical reaction took place, fusing the suit’s abilities to her central nervous system. She now possesses the suit’s abilities, but it causes her constant pain. She is the only member of the Contingency not being held by SHIELD. (Bio by Stacy Ricco)

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2): 1-6, 12,14, 42-43, 47
First seen as Agent 1-16, this Delta LMD was to Nick Fury's knowledge not based on any agent he knew. Fury 'killed' her as he was being hunted down in tunnels underneath NYC. Various versions of her served as guards aboard the SHIELD satellite, but only one escaped before the destruction of the SHIELD satellite. She went into hiding within the abandoned SHIELD Central where Pierce stayed as custodian. A year later when the Death's Head Crisis prompted the return of SHIELD, Red was sought after as an artifact of Gnobian technology. Later Nina recommended that Red and Lump be kept together and the pair remained the responsibility of the organization. She was thought lost after HYDRA's attack on SHIELD Central but Fury discovered her 1992, still alive, albeit unhinged. Her present whereabouts and condition are unknown.

Inali Redpath
Appearances: MK Captain America #7-11
A Cherokee shaman with the ability to control the weather, Inali turns rogue and uses SHIELD to mount an attack on the United States to reclaim its lands for the Native Americans using clones of Captain America, Bucky and himself.

Henry Rollins
Appearances: Nick Fury Vs SHIELD 1-6
Top undercover operative whose final mission infiltrating Roxxon helped tip Fury off to the existence of the Delta program which was the catalyst for the Deltite Affair. Rollins was one of the first top SHIELD agents duplicated by the Delta process and lead the campaign to hunt down Nick Fury. As the majority of those copied were later found within the ruins of SHIELD Central, its assumed he is alive today, however his whereabouts and condition are unknown.



Agent stationed at SHIELD's Central's barbershop entrance. Sam frequently saw action as the likes of Hydra and others frequently tried to gain access to SHIELD via the shop. Also many heroes including Captain America. 

Appearances: Deathlok (3): #1-3
Pilot in Unit 6 of the Air Cavalry. 

Tia Senyaka
Daredevil (1): 377-379
Senyaka was assigned to investigate the work of Harlan, a SHIELD agent who had died in a car accident. Senyaka discovered that Harlan, right before his death, had recruited Daredevil to go undercover to stop a plan by the Kingpin to sell a list of undercover SHIELD agents to a group of European crime lords. Senyaka contacted Daredevil's friend Foggy Nelson. They followed Daredevil's  trail to Paris, arriving as he was in the midst of a battle with the Kingpin and his associates. Although the Kingpin escaped, Senyaka and her team captured the rest of the gathered crime lords. (bio by Ben Herman)

Appearances: Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2)
Good-natured communication officer aboard the helicarrier. 

Gerald Simms (Silcon)
Appearances: Captain America Annual
Losing both arms at a young age, Simms aquired cybernatic arms made of liquid metal mesh that he can control with his mind. Codenamed Silicon, Simms acts a the tech person for the ELITE agents of SHIELD.

Appearances: Captain America/Wolverine #1-4
Shrike is a member of the SHIELD black ops team, the Contingency. The team of assassins is led by Rapture and was designed to specifically to kill known mutants. Not much is known about Shrike or the rest of the Contingency, except for they were once a SHIELD black ops team, now turned rogue. Shrike is currently being held in a SHIELD detention facility after being captured by Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird.(Bio by Stacy Ricco)

John Skulinowski
Appearances: Captain America Annual 2000, Thunderbolts (1): #71
Team leader of the ELITE agents of SHIELD, formed in 2000 by Sharon Carter. Known as "Skul" to his teammates, he is non nonsense and wears a facemask to hide his heavily scarred face, lost in combat.

Appearances: Deathlok (3): #6
Muscular cyborg agent outfitted with an electro- magnetic pulse generator. Died on mission to El Corazon de la Muerte.



Neal Tapper
Formerly involved with Sharon Carter, Tapper was allowed by Fury to join the effort to locate Carter when she went missing in Philadelphia while investigating the Red Skull's and Jack Monroe's deaths. Tapper found Monroe's body but was killed in an explosion designed to power a cosmic cube.
Captain America (5): 6

Kimberly Taylor
Taylor was one of the last agents to be trained by Nick Fury before he was apparently killed by the Punisher. Taylor was subsequently assigned by G.W. Bridge to provide protection for Reverend William Connover, a mutant rights activist who had been threatened by a terrorist group the New Mutant Liberation Front. Taylor soon found herself confronting the Punisher, who had also been asked by Bridge to help protect Connover. At first Taylor hated the Punisher because she believed he had caused Fury's death. But as the two fought to save Connover from the MLF, she gradually grew to respect and like him. Unfortunately, Connover was captured by the MLF. 
Taylor and the Punisher, with the help of the ruthless vigilante known as X-Cutioner, discovered that the so-called MLF was actually the fanatical anti-mutant group Humanity's Last Stand, who sought to start a race war between humans and mutants by murdering Connover. Taylor, the Punisher, and X-Cutioner raided the headquarters of Humanity's Last Stand and rescued Connover. Subsequently, Taylor was assigned to an important SHIELD mission headed up by the Black Widow. The events of this mission have yet to be revealed. Punisher (3):12-17(bio by Ben Herman)

Fury's personal secretary.
Captain America (5): 5-6

Jack Truman (Agent 18)
Code named
Manhunter by the agency, agent 18 is assigned to track down and capture the world's most wanted fugitives; dead or alive. Recruited from the U.S. Army, Truman's existence is highly classified and known to only the highest echelons of SHIELD. His mission was perverted by a secret cabal of intelligence operatives seeking the mutant Cable in order to synthesize the techno-virus which ravages his system. Learning his misuse, Truman freed Cable however also instigated another showdown which left him near death. Cable (2): 58-62

His remains were collected by EXTECHOP which used him as the basis for the new prototype Logarithmic Organic Kinetics model, aka the Deathlok. During the construction of the new LOK unit, Truman utilized a Tibetan mental disciple to transfer his mind outside his ravaged body. When the LOK model went awry Truman, inside the body of a 6 year old boy, fled to Las Vegas where he was finally joined with the unit and what remains of his old body. As the latest Deathlok, Truman undertook various special covert missions for SHIELD while maintaining his own delicate sense of humanity. In time he began to suffer a mental backlash as a result of being in the LOK unit and following one last mission for Fury, Truman switched bodies for the last time, taking over Larry Young's body and starting a new life as a human being. Deathlok (3): 1-11

Colonel Nate Thurman
Personally recruited by Nick Fury, Thurman served as chief administration officer for helicarrier repairs. He reluctantly fell in with a group of renegade agents looking to take over the helicarrier for an impromptu war crime trial against the KGB agent who killed his brother on a CIA field mission.
Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood Truce

Samantha Twotrees
SHIELD agent whom Captain America be lives is helping him in tracking down rogue SHIELD agent Inali Redpath; but in fact sets him up to get trapped by Inali.
MK Captain America #7

Steven Tyler
Infiltrated City of the Space Gods in order to oppose the Celestials, but found himself reduced to basic matter. Later discovered by Thor. 
Eternals #6-7


Wendell Vaughn, aka Quasar (Marvel Boy II)
The boy who would become the hero Quasar first came across the quantum bands when his father, a scientist in the employ of SHIELD, was granted the task of studying them following the death of the original Marvel Boy. Eventually the bands became bonded to him and having attended the SHIELD academy, Vaughn took the identity of Marvel Man and joined the Super Agents program. When the SHIELD team was shut down, Vaughn struck out on his own as the hero Quasar.

Professional criminal who infiltrated SHIELD as a double agent for The Corporation. Her abilities included limited telepathic abilities, however through genetic engineering was capable of superhuman strength in addition to the ability to project psionic bolts of concussive force. While at SHIELD, she was given an Absorb o-belt made by SHIELD scientists that gave her strength that rivals her opponent. Following her revelation as a double agent she took the identity of Animus and continued her criminal career until she was killed by Scourge at the famous "The Bar With No Name" Massacre.
-Captain America (1) #217-231

One of the "Super Agents" of SHIELD authorized by G.W. Bridge, Violence features no mutant or supernatural ability, however she is a superb markswoman and has an affinity for all weapons. (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #33-35) Her brash and cynical attitude was an early indicator of her traitorous link to HYDRA as a deep cover double agent. Fury stabbed her dead when the Super Agents revealed their true colors.
(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #40-45)

Kali Vries
Former lover of John Walker, aka the US Agent, infiltrated S.T.A.R.S. (Superhuman Tactical Response Squad) in order to flush out a covert plan by Senator Warkovsky and the Power Broker, unwittingly manipulating Walker and Captain America.
-US Agent (2) #1-3



Seth Waters
Administrator for the Washington Bureau. Major player in the EXTECHOP plan to kidnap Cable in order to use his mutant powers to revive the Nemesis Program. Was forced to testify before Congress regarding the matter.
Cable #60-61

Lead ESP telepath stationed at the telepathic amplifier. -
Nick Fury:Agent Of SHIELD (1) #6

Katherine Waynesboro
Holding a specialized science degree in gamma radiation, Waynesboro was assigned to monitor Bruce Banner after he received a Presidential pardon for his rampages as the Hulk. Waynesboro eventually began to fall in love with Banner and resigned from SHIELD to help him with research. Their relationship came to an end when Banner lost control of the Hulk and went on a rampage in NYC. 
-The Incredible Hulk (1) #287-290, 292-300 (bio by Ben Herman)

William Wesley
SHIELD's top test pilot who volunteered to test the quantum bands as part of a joint Stark International/SHIELD venture. The bands eventually overloaded and killed him. -Quasar #1

Commander Jonas Williams
Lead the taskforce to apprehend the AWOL Sharon Carter which subsequently lead to freeing Nick Fury from a pocket dimension created by the Back Slide project.
-Fury/Agent 13 #1-2

Part of a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and cape-killers sent to apprehend Luke Cage



Commander Larry Young
Loose-cannon commander within the SHIELD Air Cavalry involved in destructive public fiascoes with Cable and Deathlok. He was subsequently placed on suspension and rolled into a psych ward wherein he was booted from the agency altogether. Jack Truman as Deathlok, found Young and initiated a psychic swap, leaving Young trapped inside the LOK unit while Truman left to start a new life as a human being.
-Cable #60-61/ Deathlok (3): #1-3, 11

*List excludes What If..., and other alternate versions. List compiled through use of the checklist in Fury of SHIELD 3,4 and the enormously useful Marvel Chronology Project.

Thanks to Ralph Dula and Ben Herman for contributions to this section