Truth, Mysticism,
I am V.Shrinivas, (born:Dec15,30), a graduate of Presidency college, Madras University (now Chennai University) now living in Bangalore, S. India. Thanks to my  second daughter who is in the U.S. and my only son (last)  with whom I live, I have acquired a little knowledge of computer usage and Internet browsing.

While my field of interests is universal, - covering Art, Literature, Music and people and so on-, I have been at present extremely fascinated by ESP. I am quite keen to correspond with institutions and genuinely interested individuals, on this subject.
My psychic experiences are genuine and have been corroborated by my relations and friends.
Just to give an idea of my beliefs and attitude towards life I wish to conclude with a quotation from Einstein the all-time-great scientist whom I greatly admire.

"Let us not forget that knowledge and skills alone cannot lead humanity to a happy and dignified life. ... I claim credit for nothing. Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insects as well as for the stars, Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper"..
I cherish the above quotation, which was passed on to me by friend Mr. K.R. Athmnathan, former Personal Secretary to the immortal Ms. M.S.Subbalakshmi, One of M.S.`s Gurus (Teachers), the famous Dilip Kumar Roy had cited the above quotation of Einstein in one of his letters to her. It may be interesting to know that Einstein had said he received signs and more or less clear images (visions) in formulating his scientific theories"  (p.282 "Almanac Of The Uncanny", Readers' Digest Publication-1995).
After I created this page, what I began to receive were only mails from people who wanted to talk about ghosts and spirits! Only then I realized that the word "mysticism" has different connotations. Now I wish to explain that my interests concern only the metaphysical and parapsychological aspects of mysticism.
In the absence of the expected responses I began to divert my attention to other multifarious subjects and created a few links with the fond hop that the subjects covered would be of interest to the viewers.
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Links# 1 to 4 are quick & short one page links
No.1 is about an orphaned kid, (myself) who, for his mother's sake swore never to swerve from Truth..
No.2 is a true story of a Nurse's saving her mother's lilfe with God's Grace.(my 2nd daughter's story
No.3 tells you about how we happened to adopt a forsaken roadside pup which  is now great pet.t
No.4 is the poignant tale of a Catalonian girl (now at her 76th year my closest  email friend)
No.5 (created  by a friend) is an awe-inspiring  story of how a wonder kid who with God-given willpower, tenacity,    indomitable courage and optimism triumphed over a cruel fate that took away one arm and one leg and left him     with a badly burnt chest.
No.6 is dedicated to the friend who sent the above link (No.5) and tells you about his triumph over a serious, incurable malady.
No.7 is a PowerPoint Show created with an unshakeable belief that harmonized and synchronized 'Positive" power of all the humans of this world will bring about Universal Peace and Happiness besides acting as a  veritable shield against the onslaught of evil thoughts.
No.9 Popula Children's Magazine ' Both English & Tamil
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