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"Selected Sitcoms" is a comperhensive new website, dedicated to selected good old sitcoms (TV comedy series) from the 60'-90's. As Technology continues to develop, there are further channels; further programs; further ways to communicate with each other. However, the old sitcoms still have this magic of innocence and naivete, which they didn't lose during those years, and hopefully, will stay with them forever. Our team has selected various sitcoms, that were commonly viewed, well-known and very popular during the years they were on TV, Such as Full House, Diff'rent Strokes, Who's the Boss, Married with Children, The Golden Girls, ALF, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Seinfeld, Soap, Three's Company, Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, Cheers, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. For each and every one of them, we have collected synopsis, photographs, links etc. Furhtermore, we offer you to buy the DVDs and memorabilia items for the cheapest price on the net! Actually, we have everything sitcoms fans need and want. Enjoy!

Here is the list of sitcoms we have selected and covered:-



Three's Company


I Dream of Jeannie

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The Mary Tyler Moore Show

If you are interested in sitcoms or other TV series or movie that does not appear on our site, you are welcome to try searching for it:-

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