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   Welcome To "Selective Mutism Help"
  • Selective Mutism Help is designed to help parents that are looking for information about Selective Mutism. You can read articles from parents and many other useful tips to help you deal with the many issues that Selective Mutism involves. If you would like to be notified of new updates on this site then feel free to join the free newsletter.
   What Is Selective Mutism?
    Selective Mutism is an anxiety disorder that is characterised by the consistant failure to speak in situations where speech is expected.
    Official criteria are :
  • Consistent failure to speak in specific social situations, despite speaking normally in other situations
  • The disturbance interferes with educational or occupational achievement or with social communication.
  • The duration of the disturbance is at least one month (not limited to the first month of school)
  • The failure to speak is not due to lack of knowledge of the spoken language required in the social situation.
  • The disturbance is not better accounted for by a communication disorder (e.g.,stuttering) and does not occur along with Autism or related disorders.




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