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A conflict in three areas of the Digital World brings us to season five of the popular Digimon series, “Digimon: Force 3.” Force 3 introduces three new Digivices, each with its own unique LCD game. Kids can collect all three or connect them for the ultimate head to head battle with their friends. The new game cards sport a fiercer and bolder look than in previous seasons. Each pack comes with a playmat and a 1.5-inch action figure that is incorporated into the game. Also included on the cards are special D-Codes that allow kids to collect more Digimon on their Digivices.

This time round, the 'new season' is Digimon Gladiators, and features a tournament in the Digital World being held by the Mega Digimon - Pharaohmon. Upon winning, the victor gets fame, fortune, and can request something from the empire of Pharaohmon...

The team of 3 Children share just one Digimon, and they all possess one of the Force 3 Digivices - 'Hyper', 'Fusion', and 'Armor'.

- Domoto Kouta - *edited out for stupid reasons and such*y, Bigheaded Goggle-Boy leader, like all of the previous leaders except Takato...
- Akinawa Kaori - The 'princess'-personality Mimi-type of girl...
- Shigeru Hidami - The brains of this team...

They share one Digimon - Dorumon (this is, In Japanese Romanization, which can be interpreted to various forms of naming... I'll just go with Dorumon, at least for now... most Digimon names that will be mentioned here ARE in their Romanization form). Dorumon can Evolve only when all the Force 3 Digivices are connected together, however, he has 3 different Champion forms...

- Dorugoramon - Assosciated with Kouta, this is the basically strong, maybe dinosaur-type Digimon...
- Rainamon - Amphibious... but shark-like, and assosciated with Kaori...
- Zerodramon - Hidami, this time, as an agile-flying Digimon...
Digimon Force 3
Digimon Gladiators
Digital Monsters X-Evolution
Bandai has announced a new "Digital Monster" project for 2005. At the project's core will be "Digital Monster X-evolution", a new anime to be released in Japan next year.

"Digital Monster X-evolution" is a full length feature done entirely in CG. Hiroyuki Kakudou will direct, while Kazunori Ito and Miwa Kawasaki will write the script. Done entirely in CG, Digital Monster X-evolution will concentrate on the "digital" part of "Digimon".

Along with this new animation, there will be new games, cards, figures, etc. Nothing concrete has been revealed yet about these products, but a game based on "X-evolution" will likely be released sometime in 2005.

"Digital Monsters" was originally introduced by Bandai as a type of "fighting Tamagotchi" handheld game. The first of these handheld games was introduced in 1997 and soon became a hit, selling 13 million units nationwide as of March 2004, and over a million units overseas.

Thanks to Marc Levy and Megchan for this article.