Service Animal Training Academy
Service Animal Training Academy
Welcome to S.A.T.A.!
Our goal is to help
low-income disabled citizens of Seattle and the surrounding areas to live a fuller and more independent lifestyle through service animals.
We a completly vounteer-run not-for-profit organization, and will be applying for 501(c)3 status very soon.
  We rely on our wonderfull volunteers to do many things, form website design and upkeep, to raising and training animals.

  None of the people in our organization get paid.

  We do hold a volunteer appreciation barbecue/dinner once a month, where our top volunteer for the month is recognized for his/her hard work.
We primarily train Mobility, Alert, Therapy, and Support animals.
  Other types of service animals are done on a case-by case basis.
We start with young animals from various sources, most are rescued animals, a few are from shelters, and a few are just unwanted. We give them a basic health exam, and get them any vet care they might need.

  The animal is then placed with a puppy or kitten raiser, who comes to a once-weekly class with the animal they are raising.

  The raiser is responsible for the animal for the first 8 to 18 months of training and care depending on the job the animal will be doing, and the intelligence of the animal.

  When the animal is done with thier raiser, he/she goes for thier avanced training alongside thier future handler. This can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to ensure proper teamwork between the animal/handler team.

  After the animal is placed, we conduct regular inspections of the animal and his/her living enviroment.

  The animal also is required to take and pass an annual refresher course.
We also offer an Owner-trained Service Animal program, which allows disabled persons who already have an animal to teach thier pet to help them, and become a service animal.

  How this works:

  The person brings in thier pet for an evaluation test to see if the animal is able to learn the necessary job.

  If the animal passes, the animal and owner go through an intensive training progam with 2 weekly classes for 2-6 months, at which time the team is evaluated again.

  After the first 2-6 months, if they pass, the team attends 1 class weekly for the next 4-6 months, and if they pass thier final evaluation, will become a certified service animal/handler team.

  There is a nominal fee for this program, which helps us rescue and train more animals to do service/therapy work.
We are located at:
      3819 13th Ave W #2
      Seattle, Wa
  Please call to make an appointment before coming by, as our people are often out training animals and raising public awareness of service animals.
On occasion, there are animals that do not graduate, for small training issues or for medical reasons.

  These animals are placed as pets in approved homes only.

  There is a Waitlist for these animals, and an adoption fee does apply.
To volunteer,or get more information
Contact us @
(206) 284-7091
To get on the Waitlist for a Service Animal, or to adopt an animal who did not pass,
Contact us @
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