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Who wants to make art?
As we have a real artpage I wondered who can fill the page?

At the moment several kids made drawings and a few handmade Pino or Big bird related objects.
But the question is; Are you a real artist!

If youīve made an item or even your own Big bird puppet, you can scan or take a picture from the object. Then itīs possible to
send it to me. And Iīll put it in The Sesame Times!
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Sesamstraat gets 2 new muppets more!
october 17
Hilversum (ANP) Angsthaas (Scarehare) and Stuntkip (Stuntchicken) will be names of tho two new characters who will move to the street in september 2008.

The last few days several puppeteers took audition for the part said endredactor Aje Boschhuizen last wednesday.

Because the show got 10 extra minutes for broadcasting, there will be room for two new muppets!
The time to create and develope the new characters takes  longer then planned, thats why we can see them next year.

Well we look forward to those two adventuras types!
Sesame Workshop and Merrill Lynch launch Panwapa
october 12
New York- Sesame Workshop and Merril Lynch Foundation have created
Panwapa, a worldwide kids initiative aimed at fostering the foundation for global citizenship and community participation in young childeren, aged 4 to 7.

Panwapa, which means "here this earth" in the Tshiluba language, features an entirely new group of Muppet characters, an interactive websitem a DVD and print materials that are available in five languages to childeren arround the world: Arabic, English, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. Panwapa is available at no charge on iTunes and starting january 2008 will be available on free video on demand via PBS KIDS.

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