Sorry.. but.. i've decided to close Different sizes for now. I found my scanned pictures on the net that took MY TIME, I found out someone copied my layout, and they admitted it. So, it is closed unless I change my mind. But, unfortunately, i'm pretty mad at this and don't feel like spending any more time on this. I have also kind have lost my interest in Sesshoumaru and Rin, because they're kinda impossible anyways, unless Sesshoumaru decvides to open up to Rin. I also want to make a Kikyou shrine.. and I already have three sites and don't feel like making more sites. So i'm closing this for a Kikyou shrine. I have many more reasons, but I will not state them. Sorry to all who liked this site.. it's closed. But you can still visit my affiliates  who have supported me.


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