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Inu Yasha Tribute
Updated 9/08/03

This site is a tribute to the anime, not the character himself.

Okay, first off, this page is going to be constantly under construction since I'll always have something new to say. So if you see that I've updated, just read within the paragraphs, because it's likely I mentioned the update(s) or whatever somewhere in there.

If you are wondering why I made this site, it's because the original home of my fanfics,, is in danger of being closed down, due to lack of funds. That sucks... Once that site is gone, where else could I post for my stories for others to read? So until is closed down, I'll continue to post there & also here. On my author name is SessYashWritr, so feel free to look me up somewhere in the Inu-Yasha section. As long as the site is still up, that is.

The most I update on my stories is about three or four times a week, since I'm pretty dedicated as long as I know people are enjoying them. But whenever I finish a story, I take a break until I can think of a new story idea. During these breaks, I try to type up a few one-shots to keep your interest until I can give you my next story.

If you're reading this & you have a story you want me to post that you have written, or a site you own that you want me to plug, e-mail me & I'll see what I can do for you.

(9-08): Okay, I have all but two of Rin-chan's stories posted... There are two more to post, but those are incomplete so I went ahead & posted those last so you can have something to read without suspense of a cliffhanger ^_^.

(9-08): Okay, I have ALL of Rin-chan's stories posted now, but one problem, I might not be able to post for a while now if things down where I'm living now don't perk up soon...

I'm having such a hard time finding a job it's just so frustrating. And the computer I use down there, that belongs to the middle child, is a piece of shit that won't let me update my site or use copy & paste... So I have to wait quite a few days before I can manage to get to a library. But hey, if I don't find a job by the end of this month, or the 7th of October, I'm coming back up to my old home... That is official. Then I can get back to work on all my stories at a better rate because I'll have time to get them done & what-not.

If I can find a job up here, this means I can hopefully upgrade my site so I have more space & no pop-ups... Wouldn't that be nice? ^_^ Well hey, it's 1:48 in the morning & I've been doing my site all day... I have to take my piece of crap car to the dealer tomorrow & get a free Oil, Lube, & Filter service on my car. After that, I have two coupons, one for two different places, that will get my A/C, which died when my left front tire blew on the highway. [Talk about heat issues... I live a *LITTLE* north of Miami *pant*pant*pant* Toooooo hot...]

The other one is to get a free safety check. This is good because I don't want to get halfway back down there in that fucking heat just to have my tire blow out on my again or something else happen. Knowing my luck, my crappy Motorola phone (NEVER BUY ONE!!! NO MATTER HOW COOL THEY LOOK OR HOW MANY THINGS THEY COME WITH, DONT EVER BUY ONE!) will have a dead battery when that happens...

But as I said, it's now 1:51 in the morning & I have 3 places to go tomorrow, plus I need to get some work done on my stories that are still in progress... It's not easy running a few at one time... This is why I try to avoid it, but hey, shit happens & when ideas build up, they run in together if you don't take care of them soon enough.

(9-08): Okay one more update for today... I think this'll be it unless I get more chaps from me or one of the other two girls on my site... I got the fourth & final chapter up for A Fuck Day For Sesshomaru so you can go ahead & go read it now if you want... Don't matter to me...

Plus I'm sure you're tired of reading my ranting & raving...






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