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Welcome to the SetitesUK homepage, the site dedicated to the playing , trading
and discussion of the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collectible card game.

I am your ever faithful host, Andy "Slytherin" Brown, V:EKN Setite Ruler of Cambridge,
and it is my pleasure in helping you find out all about our favourite game in and around the Cambridge area.(If you don't want to read all the intro bit, click here.

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Where do we play?

In Cambridge, we hold regular meetings at The Druids Pub, Next to the Grafton Centre on Tuesday nights (Leave via the exit next to Clinton Cards). This is the regular meeting of the Cambridge Games Club. Come and find us, we will be upstairs, and welcome new people who play any games (board, card and roleplaying). We also hold tournaments and introductory evenings regularly, so you can try out the game.

What is the game about?

The game is a collectible card game where you play an ancient vampire known in the World of Darkness as a Methuselah. You are warring in the Jyhad against other Methuselahs for power and ultimate survival before the coming of Gehenna. You use your minions and resources to triumph over your rivals. You have to spend your pool to help you do this, but you mustn't go down to 0, or your power will be too weak to continue, and you will make another stronger still. In the end, there can be only one.

What do I need to play?

Yourself, a crypt of 12+ vampires, a library of between 60 and 90 cards, 40 counters (30 for your starting pool and 10 for the blood bank), something to represent the edge, about 2 hours...
...Oh, and of course some friends with the same.
You can now buy preconstructed starter decks, which are a great way of getting into the game, as they give you a balanced single clan deck. You can also buy supplementary boosters of 11 random cards. We also run a commons box, where you can go looking for cards you might need, and help yourself, but if you have common cards you don't want, you put them in. This way, it doesn't matter if you have only a small collection, you can get started and build good decks quickly.

Where can I find out more?

By travelling around this site, I have created pages with decklists, hints and tips, reviews of cards and we have a newsletter (The Cambridge Corrupter) which is mailed around and publised on this site semi-regularly. Or you can come along to a games evening or mail me Andy "Slytherin" Brown. Don't be frightened to come along to a games evening, we are a friendly bunch, and I have some training decks specifically designed to teach the game.

The Best Bit.

Now you have found out about the game, who we are and where we play, you'll probably want to find out more about the game in this area, hints and tips, decklists and the all powerful newsletter The Cambridge Corrupter. If so, then click on the links below.

Click here to see The Cambridge Corrupter newsletters. All are available from the first issue onwards.

Or, if you want hints and tips, click here.

Still not enough for you. Decklists are here.

Alright then, if you still want more, then you need to play in Tournaments, so click here.

If you are looking for other places to play games in Cambridge, then click here.

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