Welcome to Brierrose's Story Den

Welcome to my corner of the web. Here you'll find the

results of one of my favorite pastimes, which is writing. My favorite things

to write are poems. I've also tried my hand at TV fan fiction and

some original stories of my own. However,due to the little time I have these days,

I will only be writing poems for awhile.

Updated 4/16/2008Sharon's Poetry Place

Poems by myself and my friends

Non-Fiction Links

These links include some of my other hobbies such as my graphics site

and just some sites I found to be interesting

Web Rings

My fiction and writing rings I belong to.

Check them out for some more great writing


These are the sites I used to make my pages shine. Some of these pages I found long ago when I first started my page

Above you'll find some cool non-fiction links including my own

free graphics site. You can also see my writing web rings.
You'll also

find links to some really beautiful graphics pages

The artwork of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

This site showcases her beautiful artwork.

Ice Lady's Graphics

This is my own graphics website. It's small now but I'm working on it

Courtney's Springbok Puzzles

Cort's Genealogy Page

(Surnames: Barber, Hunt, Tucker, Tompkins, Wilson etc.)

Bea's Genealogy Page

(Surnames include Clark, Strzeszewski etc.)

Joe's Geneaolgy Page

(Surnames are Clark, Barber etc.)

My writing rings

Check out the sites where I got some neat graphics

The Graphics Station

Castle Trash

Leather N Lace Designs

Bells and Whistles

New! Moon and Back graphics

Fantasyland Graphics

Magic's Gif Gallery

Minnie's Cyber Castle

NEW! Sue's Graphics

NEW! Borders By Bobbie

Starlight Gallery

Phyllis' Backgrounds

Celeste's Holiday Graphics

Blue's Borders

Zena's Dreams

Cottage Row Original Graphics

Suzy P's Borders