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Hello guys,

Here is our model hovercraft

This model was built based on plans available at of the griffion scale model. We decided to make this model completely out of  donated and junk material and few expenditures{$30} for paint, motors and props. The motors are Mabuchi DC motors from old hair dryers. The hull was made from thermacole and 3mm thick plywood as 0.8mm plywood as stated in plans is not available in Bangalore. To reduce weight the length of the craft was reduced by 100mm. The skirt is nylon cloth coated with PU. The rear thrust duct is made out of a plastic bucket which exactly suited the purpose of the duct. The craft is driven by 12 volts supply powered by the mains. It certainly does not have an rc-control and power is transferred to the craft through a long wire. The rudders which at present have no such control mechanism as a servo are just kept in place in a stiff condition. The top cover is plane thermocole and ply beams to hold the thermocole roof. the windows u see are made of plastic file covers. The deck railings are broom sticks covered by shiny steel paper. The rudders were made from aluminium sheet we got from junk donated to us by Agni Aerosports (through our friend Arsu working there), the props were 7 inch nylon props manufactured by Aurora in India.( though the props were very difficult to obtain and were the last pieces available any where in bangalore. The motors cost us about $1 each in the flea market. WELL that's it if any of u could propose better ideas of utilising any junk or waste material in improving the build quality of the design and including a small rc control u are welcome to mail us  at

Presently  we are trying to fit in a rc from a car into the craft for the rudder control.

The model deviates enormously from the original detailed scaled model stated in the plans due to non availability of material or say due to financial constraints as all of us are mostly unemployed.

Carry on look through the photos in the next page and u can also download videos of  our craft. THANKS TO SRIRAM FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS.


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