Seven Rays Healing

Seven Rays Healing

Michele Buchinsky

212 West Raney Street

Hartville, MO 65667


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Cosmic power for self-healing and rejuvenation

When conventional therapy fails, try the
7 Rays Alternative Healing

SEVEN RAYS HEALING is based on a very simple -- and powerful -- principle.

Everything runs on energy. Our bodies, minds, and emotions run on energy.
Health and well-being, in all of their aspects, depend on ordered energy. Physical and emotional symptoms are the manifestation of disordered energy.

The seven cosmic rays are pure orderly energy, on a molecular and submolecular level. Their frequencies are the expression of divine order. The rainbow colors are the visible symbolic representations of the seven rays.

When you receive a seven-ray healing - the specific gradation of the ray colors are applied to any disorderly condition of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Once received, the Divine Healing Rays will restore total balance within your soul level
Therefore, returning you to your Divine Molecular Order

The different rays correspond to the different functions and systems of the body. Thoughts and emotions vibrate with a relatively light energy. The physical organs correspond to a more dense energy. Similarly, the seven rays are highly diversified in their healing powers. Each ray has a large number of subfrequencies of energy force, each suited for restoring and rejuvenating divine order.

This Healing takes place at a very refined soul level

The 7-Ray Masters apply the vibrational rate and frequency of the ray colors through me
I am the facilitating vehicle through which these healing rays are channeled.

Healing is sent long distance.
I do facilitate pre-operative and post-operative healing.

As a 7-Ray Master Healer, I will channel the 7 Healing Rays
Traditionally this is done for 3 days.

How much you choose to DONATE will be proportional to what you feel you have received from this healing in exchange for my time and energy

Thank you for sharing your experience with me

This great honor and joy comes in serving the Divine Light

If you are interested in receiving healing through the use of the Seven Rays

Please send or email a photo of whoever is in need of the healing

with their name, age, location, and any details

along with a DONATION to:

Michele Buchinsky

212 West Raney Street

Hartville, MO 65667

Email Any Questions or Comments to:

Please Inquire Re: Arrangements, Etc.

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