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Welcome to my little corner of the web. I live on the grand and glorious island of Kodiak, Alaska.

As a former animal shelter employee, I brought home quite a bit of my work, which explains the 7cattys. (Now down to five, as the two eldest have died.) One dog and 60+ tarantulas also live with my husband and me. For reasons of their own, the children have all moved out... <G>
Mehitabel and me in Hawaii, circa 1984.
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Mature male G. rosea
My main interest these days is my tarantulas. They are fascinating creatures, and I very much enjoy watching them grow from tiny 1/4" spiderlings to adults with legspans ranging from 4 1/2" up to 11". I have a variety, some very docile, while others are more defensive. I am beginning a breeding program this year, so far having successful matings of G. rosea and A. metallica pairs. It remains to be seen whether eggsacs will result and hatch out spiderlings.