The story that this band has is a really interesting story. This punk band includes Matt Barnwell, 19, on bass,and backup  vocals: Chris Wagner, 18, on Lead guitar and lead vocals:; \ and Luke Stubblefeild,18, on drums and backup vocals.  Matt and Chris have been friends since they were 15.  Chris taught Matt punk music when he came back from the Baptist Boy's Ranch.  Chris's grandma sent him there becaues she thought he was on drugs but Chris has never done a drug in his whole life. So he ran away from the ranch and went home to Alabama to Matt and they started a band.  The band could barely get a show in Jacksonville Alabama they would play just for pizza sometimes. So they moved here to Tennessee in Millington with a friend they also met Lluke here to so they started the band up again. But they guy they were living with got really rotton and he kicked Matt and Chris out of the apartment. So Chris and Matt had to live in a van in a Wal-Mart parking lot for 2 days. Matt's Girlfriend sent him money and now Chris and Matt live in a one bed-room apartment. They are  getting a lot of gigs at places such as The Map Room, Hard Rock Cafe, and other places.. They all rely on GOD to help them all the way.
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