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Cosmic power for self-healing and rejuvenation

SEVEN RAYS HEALING is based on a very simple -- and powerful -- principle. We know that everything runs on energy. Our bodies, minds, and emotions run on energy.

Health and well-being, in all of their aspects, depend on ordered energy. Physical and emotional symptoms are the manifestation of disordered energy.

The seven cosmic rays are pure orderly energy, on a molecular and submolecular level. Their frequencies are the expression of divine order. The rainbow colors are the visible symbolic representations of the seven rays. When a seven-ray healer applies the rays of the appropriate colors to a disorderly condition of the physical body or emotions, balance and vitality are restored.

The different rays correspond to the different functions and systems of the body. Thoughts and emotions vibrate with a relatively light energy. The physical organs correspond to a more dense energy. Similarly, the seven rays are highly diversified in their healing powers. Each ray has a large number of subfrequencies of energy force, each suited for restoring and rejuvenating a particular process or organ.

The healing knowledge of the seven rays was known to the great ancient masters. During the last one hundred years, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Mark Prophet, and Gloria Grayson channeled information from the masters about the healing power embodied within the rays. Volumes were written on the subject. But the time and circumstances were not right for the full secrets to emerge.

In the year of the harmonic convergence, 1987, the masters of the seven rays spoke through Grayson in seven recorded channeling sessions. They disclosed for the first time the powerful cosmic discipline of using the rays to heal different conditions and transforming disorder into perfect health. In these sessions, the masters taught the functions of the seven rays and their proper application, and initiated the fourteen individuals present as healers capable of using the technique.

Salahddin, GM, UFSR, often attended Gloria's channeling sessions. He currently leads the effort to disseminate the information about the benefits of the seven healing rays. His goal is to make this powerful modality available to everyone.

The tireless teacher conducts classes in the seven healing rays all over the world -- the United States, England, Denmark, Bermuda, etc. Salahddin's weekend workshops are transformational events. He helps attendees to prepare themselves as clear vehicles for the divine healing light. This initiation empowers attendees to personally and directly channel and apply the seven rays for their self-healing and rejuvenation, and for the healing of others.

The seven rays initiates are masters over their own life and destiny. In this new millennium of healing miracles, the layman and health professional alike are equally empowered with the seven rays to achieve the same wonderful results -- perfect health and rejuvenation. All persons can help themselves and their loved ones, and practitioners can work with greater skill and efficiency in their chosen fields.

The seven healing rays are here!

By Melvin Sobol, Ph.D. physics, one of the fourteen original initiate master healers.



"A powerful workshop." -- Barry Seedman, Ph.D., Hypnotherapy Instructor, NYC

"The culmination of all the learning and reading that I have been doing for four years. I finally learned about my purpose and where my life is leading me. I'm excited about my future now. Thank you." -- Toni Misek, Real Estate, Astor, Florida

"I'm happy that you came to Denmark to give this workshop. For the first time I know the purpose of my reincarnation. You have changed my life." - - Pia Middle, TV Program Director, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Experiencing the Seven Rays workshop for a second time was more powerful than the first. Words are too inadequate to describe the tremendous feeling of Divine Healing Power flowing through me. Thank God for this experience." - - Gillian M. Valise, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hamilton, Bermuda

"Superior workshop with not only quality teaching, but also absolute participation of the students! I am very thankful for the gift of the Seven Rays and plan to use it in a holistic way." - - Dr. Roy Kupsonel, M.D., Hamilton Beach, Florida

"This is the most powerful healing modality I have ever experienced and I am grateful for the opportunity to be initiated into it. Salahddin, you are a wonderful inspiration and a great teacher. Thank you. Light and Love." - - Melissa Zwanger, M.A., New York City

"This healing weekend intensive made me stronger and helped me decide how and where I want my life to go." - - Georgina Whittemore, New Milton, England

"This workshop is a whole new world." - - Karen Taylor, Delton, Florida


by Janice Aman

In this "New Millennium of Light," I came across the most mystical, magical and practical healing modality at a weekend intensive workshop, "Discover the Universal Power of Healing with the Seven Rays."

The workshop was all about how to personally channel, apply and work with specific healing energies embodied in each of the seven rays. Each ray transmits a specific divine energy, from a divine power source (like a "divine power plant").

Each ray vibrates on its own individual frequency to heal a specific condition. There is a ray that can banish forever all signs of terminal cancer. Another ray can restore inner peace and harmony, where there were deep emotional scars before.

Workshop leader Salahddin, Grand Master of the Universal Fellowship of the Healing Rays, began by focusing on exercises designed to clear out much of the old baggage -- those buried mental and emotional blocks that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

The purpose of these exercises, Salahddin explained, was "to heal the healers first," to cleanse our minds and emotions so we could be clear, unblocked channels for the healing light.

When these purification sessions concluded, I was amazed at how I felt! Miraculously, I was released from old mental and emotional hurts that had weighed me down for such a long time. Free at last, my inner self was now ready to take a personal journey back into earlier lifetimes, to discover powerful inner strengths that would empower me to master and overcome new challenges still ahead in my life's journey.

Excited about this new vision, I was now spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared to receive the healing power of the seven rays. As this amazing power was passed on to me, I instantaneously felt as though I was "plugged into the light." This was a much more intense, deeper connection to the light than I had ever imagined possible!

Each of us worked with one another, to determine what physical, mental and emotional conditions needed healing. We proceeded to draw upon, and direct, the appropriate seven ray energy to the proper areas of the body. This same healing procedure could be self-administered later on, to give ourselves a seven ray healing each and every day. A new technique to release emotional and mental stress -- plus a new anti-aging procedure designed to rejuvenate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually -- were other magical self-healing tools we acquired.

But above and beyond these useful self-healing tools, we learned more about how the process of healing ourselves and others really works. Salahddin explained, "Much of the physical and emotional pain we all experience is more than just psychosomatic. It's soul-somatic! Many of the health, emotional and behavioral challenges that confront us are symptoms of karmic disorder, brought forward from an agenda that existed in a former lifetime to our present life. Embedded deep in our soul, the resulting soul-distress manifests physically as sickness, behavioral shortcomings or emotional blocks. Complete transformation is truly possible."

What can we expect from the seven rays? Love. Change. Healing. Power. Miracles. Transformation!


For more information about upcoming workshops
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In Sedona, Arizona... weekend of March 23-24, 2002
    Preregistration $260, at the door $300
    Call 928-282-9300 for info/registration

In Charlotte, North Carolina... weekend of April 6-7, 2002
    Preregistration $260, at the door $300
    Call Rebecca at 803-285-8202 for info/registration
    or email

In New York City... weekend of April 27-28, 2002
   11 am to 6 pm (one hour break for lunch)

    Special New York City rate
   Call 800-888-4799 for reservations

For other areas... 718-796-8254

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