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Have you ever wanted to have Ace of Base as your very own? Don't feel selfish it's a very common thing, that is why we, here at the Ace of Base Cloning Laboratory have set up a process by which you are able to create your very own Ace of Base Clones, almost as good as the real thing. You can also customise your clone with your own personal preferences

All clones are easy to care for, unfortunately they must remain within the boundaries of our laboratory for their own safety, we don't want them taking over the world now do we (or do we?)

We offer 4 varieties of Clone, Jenny, Malin, Ulf and Jonas. Each of these is available in a number of styles, please proceed carefully to the appropirate level of our facility to get your clone, alternatively view the Clones already created by our facility.

So far we have issued:
23 Jenny Clones
16 Linn Clones
5 Ulf Clones
2 Jonas Clones

If you have already ordered a clone and would like to take a graphic to display on your own website with your clone information on it, or you would like to link to this site, please go to thegraphics sectionand take the appropriate piece(s) of HTML code

New Look March 7th 2000

Ace of Base Clones J.Lancaster 1999-2000 Please keep in mind that this is only a spoof and there are no real 'clones'

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