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Sunday, July, 18th 2004 - After four years, two studio albums, 35000 website visitors, hundreds of tour dates throughout Pennsylvania, and redefining the state of local music, the band Seventh Hour has decided to disband following their final show on August 28th. The decision to disband is a mutual one among band members. There are no hard feelings or animosities between band members, a rarity among band dissolvement. We have decided that Seventh Hour has run its course and we are ready to move on into other explorations of music and life.

Now What?

Jim "Freakboy" Munster and Jay Knorr will turn our focus towards an acoustic project aptly named "After Hours". Look for our new website and more dates soon. Ed Burke will continue his foray into the music business and is currently entertaining offers from local and regional bands. Look for him on stage very soon. Jeff Sallada will continue raising and training wild huskies for the International Dog Sled competetion coming this winter to Ogkluckugkcuck, Antarctica. We wish him the best. Woof.


The guest book is not going away! Make sure you bookmark the guestbook link so that we can keep in touch and have our rantings as usual. Here is a link to the guestbook: GUESTBOOK LINK


Here is a schedule of Seventh Hour's final shows:

Friday July 30th-Seventh Hour at The Brass Tap Pottsville, PA 10-2

Friday August 6th - After Hours Acoustic(Jim and Jay) Maroon's Pottsville, PA 9-1

Friday August 13th - The Stadium Pottsville, PA 10-2

Saturday August 14th - Crosskeys St. Clair, PA 10-2

Thursday August 19th - After Hours Acoustic(Jim and Jay) The Brass Tap Pottsville, PA 8-10

Friday August 20th - Cressona Block Party (time to be posted here)

Friday August 27th - The Brass Tap 10P-2A Pottsville, PA

Saturday August 28th - Seventh Hour's LAST SHOW 2nd Street Pub, Girardville, PA



Jim: jamesmmunster@yahoo.com

Jay: jasonknorr@yahoo.com

Ed: blond_drummer_stud_1999@yahoo.com