Wenallt Uchaf (Wenallt Upper) was the name of a small community north of the Coed y Wenallt (Wenallt Forest) in the 19th century.  There, Phlip Francis, Jr.'s grandfather, Richard Francis, farmed from the mid to the late 1800s.  The farm was known as the Wenallt Farm.  In the 1851 census for Eglwysilan (now Whitchurch) Parish, Glamorgan, Wales, Richard was shown as farming 20 acres of land.  In "Seventy Years in the Coal Mines", Philip, Jr., referred to the farm as the Evalt Farm.  This was probably his attempt to spell what he had heard as a child, as there is no "V" in the Welsh alphabet.  In the upper left portion of the above Google Earth view, I have drawn a yellow square around an area where there there are ruins of several buildings that may have been Wenallt Uchaf.  The upper portion of the Wenallt Forest can be seen to the west of Wenallt Road in the left lower quadrant of the view.