Severed tOe FaCe
Disaster Strikes!
Last night the owner of this site was kidnapped by enraged luxembourgian tortoise strokers. The loathsome tormentors were apparantley seen dressed in nothing but small, tattered loin cloths that seemed to be made of dried corgie hide. The queen is investigating this further.
Until the helpless victim is recovered from these antagonists this site is seen as a place of mourning so please keep your keyboard levels to a minium. All entries in the guest book are to be kept short, curt and to the point. Any tortoise strokers who wish to leave clues to their mystereous whereabouts may on the conditions following:
1) No unusual grunting sounds that characterize your fowl kind
2) No mention of the length of your tortoises penis that you are accustomed to saying every time you converse with other strokers.
3) And Finally there must be no pornographic referendum to encounters the individual has had with long-haired potato scavengeing ox.

Thank you for your concern
-Susan Frogambofestartdale