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Antoin Sevruguin (ca 1840s-1933) was one of Iran's most creative and prolific early photographers. The exhibition was held on winter 2002 in Golestan Palace Museum and includes modern prints made from Sevruguin’s original glass-plate negatives, and is presented in thematic groupings that focus on the royal court, Iranian landscape and antiquities, everyday life, ethnographic photographs, women, and Western fantasy. This site will try to show the exhibition and tell about his life.

Biography : Antoin Sevruguin who was born in the Russian Embassy in Tehran (1840), and was known as a famous and talented Photographer in Tehran and Tabriz. He was thought to be a Russian by Iranians. He introduced himself as a Russian behind some photographs he took to empower the belief.
Antoin Sevruguin came to Tabriz and later to Tehran late 13th century Hijri Ghamari (early 19th century). He established his photographic studio in Tabriz. Soon he became so famous that he found his way to Mozafar-al-Din shah the crown prince of Qajar dynasty, and became the special photographer of the court. He translated a book about the photographic techniques form “ Liber” the famous French photographer and dedicated the translation to the Mozafar-al-Din shah the crown prince. A manuscript from this translation exists in National Iranian Library with Nastaeligh script under the accession number "A1679". more....

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