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   Sew Me Creations is a small, home-based business specializing in custom apparel and alterations. I have been working with everyday wear for 13 years, bridal and formalwear for 11 years, maternity for 7 years, and men's alterations for 5 years. We also work with custom headpieces, veils, and jewelry.

Please contact me with any questions.
      E-mail:                    Phone:  920-410-7455
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                                                      Price List
Men's Alterations                                         Boy's Alterations
  Pant hem (no cuff)                  15.00                                  Pant hem (no cuff)                   11.00
  Pant hem (cuff)                        18.00                                  Pant hem (cuff)                         15.00
  Pant waist (in/out)                 15.00                                  Pant waist (in/out)                  12.00
  Coat (no cuff)                           30.00                                  Coat (no cuff)                             25.00

Women's Alterations
                                   Girl's Alterations
   Machined Hem                         7.00 / layer                      Machined Hem                   5.00 / layer
   Rolled Hem                              12.00 / layer                      Rolled Hem                           8.00 / layer
   Hand-stitched Hem               15.00 / layer                     Hand-stitched Hem         12.00 / layer
   Sides (in)                                  12.00*                                 Sides (in)                                8.00*
   Sides (out)                                18.00*                                 Sides (out)                           12.00*
   Shoulder, no sleeves               8.00*                                  Shoulder, no sleeves           6.00*
   Shoulder, sleeves                  12.00*                                  Shoulder, sleeves               10.00*
   Bust darts                                  4.00*                                  Princess seams (in/out)     8.00*
   Princess seams, no boning   8.00*                                  Bustle                                      4.00 / bustle
   Princess seams, boning       12.00*                                 All other alterations          15.00 / hour
   Bustle                                         4.00 / bustle 
   All other alterations            15.00 / hour

      *If there is lace and/or beading over seams, the price will be assessed on an hourly basis.

                                              Construction Prices
   From Pattern                      15.00 / hour                       Ring Bearer's Pillow (base)        $10 - $20
   From Design                       15.00 / hour                       Ring Bearer's Pillow (scratch)   $15 - $25

                                *Ask us about multiple dress discounts.*
Here are pictures from some recent weddings:
The wedding gown was altered to fit the bride after the sleeves and back were completely reconstructed.

The veil and headpiece were custom made to match the design of the dress.
The Bridesmaids' dresses (above) and the Ring Bearer's pillow (right) were all custom made.

The flowers were all done by an independent floral consultant.  If you would like information about this consultant, please contact me.
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